History has been marked with eras, monuments, discoveries, inventions, greatness and the revolution of humankind. However, the gruesome side of humans has been marked in history books in the form of wars. The thirst for power and domination is a basic human need. However, when this thirst starts involving nations and world politics it leads to wars; that destroy families, countries, governments and the entire political structure. Since the 1900s, the World has seen two catastrophic World wars and one cold war. The tensions in the Muslim world, strive for economic greatness and the boom in the weapons industry are some factors that are pushing the world towards another war; one that would be a lot scarier since countries now have nuclear weapons at their disposal. In case of war, one can expect martial laws, financial losses and economic collapse. What makes you think that the Pearl Harbor Incident cannot take place again? It is time that you start preparing for the inevitable- war.

If a war takes place, the government usually moves families into a confined area or may prevent their moving hence forcing everyone to stay inside. In such cases, preparation has to be done! Make a place in your house as a store room where food is stored. In wars, supply is affected making food a luxurious commodity. Stock your house with basic food supplies, and seasonings so that you can survive at least two weeks. Make sure that the food being stocked has time to expire. Prevent yourself from stocking perishable goods.  Nowadays, items such as fruit powders, vegetable powders, vegetable protein powder, Activz Fruit and vegetable powder spinach food powder, spinach powder, dried foodare available. For preparation purposes, these are great products to stock. Frozen food is also an item that you can stock. This would quick meals would save your time and help you stay focused on helping you and your family survive the war.

Moreover, store extra pillows and mattresses in your house so that you can squeeze in neighbors, friends or families who are in search of shelter. Keep sleeping bags ready too. Clothing is a basic essential. In your storage space keep extra clothes according to your weather. Also stock toiletries and basic sanitation products. Making separate bags for everyone with basic essentials is a good way to stay prepared. You can grab the bag and head towards safety.

Usually, during wars, power grids get affected. You may experience long hours of power cut which means your basic appliances won’t work, your cooling system won’t work, your heating system will not work, communication will be an issue and day to day basic activities will not be able to take place. For such situations, having an alternative source of power such as fuel less generators, solar powered generators, solar panels or solar generator kits is very important. These back up power supply options will ensure that in times of chaos, darkness and lack of power does not makes things worst for you. It would also comfortably, help you stay indoors. Solar panels are viable energy sources as in times of war you will not be able to move out in search of fuel which would already be short at that time. Using natural resources is a safe way to prepare your house. If natural resources are not being used, stock fuel in the house but keep it away from the kitchen or areas where there is a threat of catching fire.

In times of war, the economy collapses, financial institutions are distressed and money is an issue. The importance of money is heavily felt in such circumstances. Having an alternative source of income is a good idea as you can plan your budget and start saving the excess income. This excess income can then be utilized when you are being attacked. Make sure your personal finances are in order so that they can actually be beneficial when the need arises. Keep your important documents such as passports, social security, credit card in places where they can be easily found. In times of war where you have to escape as soon as possible, you cannot afford to waste time finding documents.

Planning is very important, hence study the maps of your neighborhood, your locality and figure out escape routes. Talk about these safety measures to kids so that even they know what they have to do. In order to survive, self-protection is very important. Involve your children in martial arts so that they can fight for themselves when the time comes. Learn how to use basic weapons such as knives and guns so that you are geared to protect your loved ones and yourself. However, keep these weapons away from children yet in such a place that they can be easily found during emergency. Stay in the best form (physically). Start running and exercising as it will build your stamina and help you when wars take place.

Prepare a first aid kit too. This kit should include band aids, gauze, scissors, and basic medication such as antibiotics, anti-allergies and pain killers. You never know what might come handy. Start reading survivor stories and books so that you can gather as much knowledge as possible. Get a radio and keep it with your survival kit. At a time where the television might not work, the internet would be down, radio would be your savior. It would provide you with the latest news regarding the war, keep you informed and also serve to be a time pass. The informed and educated you would be able to stay calm, analyze rationally and take better decisions- something that would be the need of the hour.

Life is unpredictable. You should always be prepared for the inevitable. In order to survive and take care of your loved ones in such unfortunate events knowledge, preparation and staying calm is very important. Stay focused and you would be able to stay safe.