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Fresh And Honest Emergency Foods

About Us

At Fresh and Honest, our name says it all. Our only focus is to provide high quality, fresh ingredients that you can count on. Our number one priority is to conduct business in a fair and honest way. We don’t spend money on advertising because we are not concerned what our competitors are doing, we only care about providing the best possible products to our customer. We pass this savings onto you so you can keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Our philosophy is an old one but a good one, honesty is the best policy.

25 Year Shelf Life!

Yes! Our Food Is Designed And Packaged For A 25 Year Shelf Life!

What Is Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying is a food preservation process that removes 99% of the moisture while maintaining the texture, nutrients, and flavor.

Did You Know Our Food Is Easy To Prepare?

One of the best parts about our food storage products is how quick easy they are to prepare. Most of our other products simply require the addition of hot or boiling water. Many of our freeze dried and dehydrated products, like our fruits and freeze dried yogurt, can be prepared or eaten as a snack right from the can!

Why Fresh and Honest?

We manufacture all of our own products and sell directly to you! With Fresh and Honest, you don’t have to worry about paying more than a product is worth, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll receive great products at the best value. Shop All of Our Great Products for: Camping/Backpacking Meals Shop our meals that are delicious and easy to prepare anywhere! We have a great selection of freeze dried camping meals as well as desserts, drinks, snacks, and more! Also shop our delicious freeze dried and dehydrated fruits to make the perfect addition to your favorite trail mix! Emergency/Survival Food You never know when you could find yourself in an emergency situation, so the key is to be prepared. Our food storage products are shelf stable and can last for up to 25+ years. Shop our large selection of products for long term storage. Baking Mixes and More! We carry a large selection of baking mixes, dough enhancers, and much more! Whether you keep products like our popular Country Cream milk or powdered whole eggs on hand for long term storage, or in your pantry for regular use, all of our amazing products are sure to be there when you need them most!


  • Great as a snack for kids and adults alike
  • Delicious taste packed with health boosting vitamins and minerals
  • Try them straight from the package or rehydrate to use in your favorite recipes
  • Up to a 25+ year shelf life