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Health Support Soups

The Health Support Soups brand was born from our desire to offer people a 7 day immune building soup kit. Our premium mix of organic vegetables and herbs allows you to prepare 1 large stock pot for extra nutritional support during the week if you have a busy schedule or during flue and cold seasons. What makes our product special? This immunity building soup kit comes with a sachet with organic herbs in it and a soup sock. Made of 100% organic dry ingredients, this soup mix is very easy to prepare and contains a high level of nutrients. You can prepare it on its own or by adding a whole chicken into the soup sock provided for more protein. Some features to keep in mind about our product:

  • Quantity: 292g;
  • One pack makes 14 cups of soup
  • Made of 100% organicvegetables
  • Can be consumed throughout 1 week
  • 10 min prep time
  • Comes with soup sock for the chicken
  • Enriched with immune support herbs
  • Contains ORGANIC dehydrated cabbage, beets, carrots, garlic, onions, brown basmati rice, shitake mushrooms, astragalus root, dulse, ginger root, turmeric root, and Siberian ginseng
  • Lovely present for your family and friends


  • Immunity-Boosting Herbs: This product comes with a spice bag full of Organic Immune building Herbs Astragalus Root, Dulse, Ginger Root, Turmeric Root and Siberian Ginseng. You can prepare the soup on its own or by adding a chicken into the soup sock provided for more protein.
  • High Quality: These Organic Vegetables come from local farms in British Columbia, Canada. The Dehydrated Vegetables have all been tested and are Gmo free and Kosher. This type of quality is not something that you will find in your local stores. You will be satisified that your receiving nothing but the best. There was no cutting corners in the production of this product in any way..
  • Easy to Prepare: One pot no prep just add water. Take your bag and add it into a 8 inch high stock pot with 1 gallon of spring water and simmer for 2 hours. Out of a single bag of this Vegetable Soup Mix you get 14 cups of Immune Building Soup that you can consume within a week.
  • Optimal Solution: Our dehydrated vegetables and herbs are a great solution for extra nutrition during busy work schedules when you need extra immune support. A smart item to have in your pantry for cold and flue seasons and emergencies. This Dehydrated Vegetable Soup Kit is also great for elderly people, prenatal gifts or people who are recovering from surgery.
  • Great Gift idea: Get this 7 Day Immune Building Soup Kit for your family and friends. This vegetable soup mix is great gift idea for Cancer patients, bachelors and the elderly.

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