Millennium Energy Bars

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Millennium Energy Bars For Emergency Food Storage

Energy Bars for Food Storage

Individually wrapped with great flavors! They are very tasty and filling. They come in the following flavors: lemon, raspberry, cherry, tropical fruit, and orange.

About this item

  • LONG SHELF LIFE – It’s strictly made with a long expiration date for up to 5 years even if you’ve stocked in a long period of time the taste is still the same crunchy and fresh taste that keeps you nourished and alive. Each bar contains over 400 calories!
  • VARIETY FLAVORS – There lots of very different and tasty flavors. It comes in Lemon, Raspberry, Cherry, Tropical fruit, and Orange. It won’t make you thirsty or dry out your mouth. You will receive 6 different flavors. (May differ from image).
  • DURABLE PACKAGING – The packing is absolutely Mylar vacuumed packed and BPA-free which preserved them crunchy, safe and fresh to eat. No worries about broken packaging. They are very well sealed in solid plastic.
  • UNIVERSALLY NEEDED – These are a very good substitute if you are ever in an emergency situation, out of food, camping, out boating, hiking and more outdoor or indoor activities. These are ready to eat and non-perishable. Good for adults and Children.
  • PERFECT GIFT – Excellent gift for your friends, kids or anyone in your life. It comes with an Emergency guide by Marvin B. Lark with Survival tips inside for you and for your family.