Pedal Power Generator

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Pedal-Powered Generator Stands: Harness Your Cycling Energy for a Brighter Future!

Are you tired of relying solely on traditional electricity sources? Do you want to take control of your power generation while staying fit and active? Look no further than Prep SOS Pedal-Powered Generator Stands! Our innovative system allows you to convert the energy from your own bike into usable electricity, providing you with an eco-friendly and reliable power solution. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to generate electricity and charge your devices wherever you go.

Setting up our generator stands is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience. In under 5 minutes, you can easily connect your bike to our stand and start pedaling your way to power. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, our user-friendly design makes it accessible for everyone. Embrace the convenience of generating electricity while staying active and fit at the same time!

Our pedal-powered generator stands are equipped with dual-generators, giving you double the power outage compared to other systems. With two voltage ranges available, you have the flexibility to choose the output that suits your needs. The low voltage range provides 0 to 40 Volts DC output with a peak current of 30 Amps, while the high voltage range offers 0 to 80 Volts DC output with a peak current of 15 Amps. These ranges ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, allowing you to charge anything from phones, laptops, tablets to even household appliances.

Wondering about the power output you can expect? For non-athletes, our system typically generates between 100 to 200 Watts, providing ample energy to keep your devices powered up. For the athletic individuals, the power output increases to an impressive 200 to 400 Watts, ensuring even greater charging capacity. With a maximum output capacity of 500 Watts (at 80V DC 6.2A), you’ll have sufficient power to meet your energy needs.

To enhance your generator system’s capabilities, we offer easy connectivity options. Our stands can be effortlessly connected to a deep cycle marine battery, providing you with additional power storage. Furthermore, we provide cables specifically designed to connect our system to the top-rated portable power station, the Bluetti AC200. This compatibility expands your power options and ensures a seamless integration with other power sources.

At Prep SOS, we take pride in delivering high-quality products. That’s why our pedal-powered generator stands are assembled in the USA, right in Gilbert, AZ. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing, as we offer a lifetime warranty on our generator stands. Rest assured, we stand behind the quality and durability of our product. Please note that the lifetime warranty does not cover shipping costs.

Join the movement towards sustainable energy solutions and take control of your power generation. With Prep SOS Pedal-Powered Generator Stands, you can transform your cycling energy into usable electricity while reducing your carbon footprint. Embrace the freedom of generating your own power and be prepared for any situation. Order your Prep SOS Pedal-Powered Generator Stand today and step into a brighter future!