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Ready America Emergency Supplies

Who We are

We are the disaster supply professionals. We care deeply about the safety of our families, our employees, and our communities. Since we cannot stop natural disasters from happening, we design and manufacture innovative products that save lives in emergency situations.

What We Offer:

Disaster Kits

Disaster Kits You and your family must have prepared in an emergency. Our Disaster Kits are designed by experts for all types of emergencies and any location. Kits feature essential supplies, such as 5-year shelf life food and water, first aid supplies, and other useful items. There is even a kit for your pet! These kits are ideal for your home, office, and car. We have kits for businesses and schools, as well.

Outdoor Survival Kits

Outdoor Survival Kits Are you prepared for an emergency, even when you’re out enjoying the great outdoors? We offer emergency kits specifically geared for outdoor and rural survival which may include water purification tablets, multi-function tools, fire starters with fuel, waterproof matches, or more depending on the selected kit.

Food & Water

Food & Water We offer food and water solutions for virtually any disaster scenario. Stay nourished and hydrated with our flexible and scalable products. We provide U.S. Coast Guard approved 5-year shelf life food and water for emergency supplies. For long-term disaster preparedness supplies.

Tools For An Emergency

Tools for an emergency with the essential tools you’ll need in a number of different disaster situations.

Protective Gear

Injuries during an emergency situation can be avoided by wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment. Be equipped in those critical moments after a disaster and protect yourself so you can effectively assist others that may need assistance.

Emergency Lighting

We offer dependable sources of light you’ll need in any emergency. Products include chemical 12-hour light sticks, cell phone charging, solar/crank-powered flashlights, and heavy-duty industrial flashlights. We also offer wide area, outdoor, industrial, emergency response search and rescue lighting solutions.