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Solo Stove Fire Pits & Stoves

Solo Stove designs simple, ingenious outdoor products to help you create good moments that become lasting memories.

Create good; We are driven by this mantra. Our fire pits, camp stoves, grill, and accessories are designed to help you get in touch with whatever is “good” for you. Whether it’s a primal moment in awe of a flame, the moment right after you’ve taken a hot sip of your favorite beverage in the mountains, or your kid’s face when they bite into a delicious s’more.

We believe we are part of a shared humanity, and we are grateful to have these moments right in front of us to connect with those we love, to remember something meaningful inside ourselves, to appreciate nature in its stunning beauty.

Good moments. Good memories. Good products. So you can create a good life.

Creating Good Across The Globe

The 1% for the Planet program is Solo Stove’s partner in creating good across the globe by connecting us with organizations focused on the environment and community outreach.

Empowering A Cycle Of Good

At Solo Stove, our focus is in creating products that empower those who use them to have good moments that become lasting memories. As our products are known for consuming decently large amounts of wood, we are passionate about replacing the fuel we take from nature. Contributing to organizations like One Tree Planted, and the National Forest Foundation aids in our effort to replace the logs used in the cycle of creating good moments around the fire for years to come, without concern for the impact those good moments could have on the environment. As a company specializing in fire products, namely fire pits, we understand the impact a fire can have. Fire can be a source of good moments, but if poorly handled, can also be a source of destruction. Wildfire management is of the utmost importance to our team, and contributing to the National Parks Foundation helps not only keep wildfires under control, but to also spread awareness around fire safety.