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We’re helping reforest an area that was disturbed by road construction and left mostly barren over 15 years ago. The native trees do not reproduce quickly and it would likely take hundreds of years for it to reforest on its own.

There are many ways we can take care of the Earth. Planting trees is just one of them. We can all do our part. Help us ensure the planet will still be a great place to live for thousands more years by implementing the following with us (if you’re not already doing them!)

  1. Limit plastic consumption. Replace single-use bottles with ones you can wash and use over and over such as these
  2. Go paperless on bills. This saves both trees and fuel.
  3. Limit disposable utensils and dishes. Use reusable cutlery and dishes as much as possible.
  4. Plant trees. We all know that trees help keep our air clean. Consider fruit trees as well to produce even more benefits. There are now dwarf and even reachables fruit trees for smaller spaces that only grow to 6-8′ tall.
  5. Clean up waste when you see it.
  6. Recycle. Recent documentaries expose that recycling many plastics doesn’t actually work. Glass, metal, and cardboard still seem like winners though!
  7. Choose environmentally-friendly products. Non-toxic cleaning products are a great place to start!
  8. Conserve electricity and water. Turn off lights and faucets. There are many “smart” light switches now that can turn off lights at a certain time or when leaving a room.
  9. Compost your food scraps and cardboard. Did you know that many home paper shredders can handle single-walled corrugated cardboard? Shred it up and mix it in with your compost or garden beds. It will break down into dirt.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!

To further celebrate Earth Day we’ve decided to offer a coupon code if you’d like to place another order. Use code:


for 10% off (sorry, does not apply to Harvest Right products.)

P.S. We’re still offering free shipping on any size order over $249 to the Continental US. We’re also still shipping out free 2-gallon fire starter pails for any orders over $1000.

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