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Cooking During Emergencies

On the trail or in the middle of a storm, one of the nicest things that you can have is a way of cooking. With cooking heat, you can boil water to distill it for drinking, warm up food to make it more like home, and even create a little heat to warm your hands if needed. Most survival companies focus first on food, and they might give you options to buy a little something extra here and there.

Here, we want to provide you with all of the options to make your crisis more bearable, and in this case, give you something that can be used every day (if you’re the outdoorsy type). With us, you get a pot cooker that you can use to cook anything, anytime, anywhere. Purifying water and warming up food are the most obvious uses, but you can also use our cooking system for:

  • Navigating
  • Emergency alerts
  • Striking up a fire
  • Repairing clothes and necessary equipment
  • Cleaning clothes and bandages
  • Heating up a mug of hot chocolate

You don’t have to use our cooking system for any of these purposes. You could just leave it with the rest of your survival kit for a rainy day. Other transportable stoves and cooking devices you may use on camping trips don’t even compare though. You could cook enough for one or a family in no time with your pot cooker, and we also provide generator options that can be used to power several things, helping you to reclaim the modern conveniences of home.

The truth is some food tastes better hot, and water is definitely better when it’s sterilized and germ free. A good pot cooker can help you to get both for less than you would pay for most regular kitchen pots that aren’t emergency ready.