Pasta for Food Storage

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Pasta Food Storage

Dried or dehydrated, pasta does not go bad nearly as quickly as many other foods, and it can be easily stored without extra preparation or cost. When it comes to food storage staples, pasta fills you up fast, and it’s not that expensive, especially when you buy with us.

Pasta provides a good number of calories, especially if you are trying to conserve food storage, and many food storage enthusiasts insist that pasta has a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and other major nutrients. In addition, some pastas are made with more fiber for digestive health and heart health.

You should of course balance it with other more complete sources of protein such as beans, jerky, and other dehydrated meats. Without a complete protein balance, you may not feel so great after a few days. Obviously, even the best food storage staples are not going to provide everything you need on their own.

This is why we provide variety packs with rice and bean mixes, pastas, and various other foods, each of which provides key essential nutrients. Any emergency food supply that relies on just one food will not keep you going for long.

Protect your family in good times and bad.  Pasta is one of those foods that can stay in your food storage, and you can take it out and replace it as needed. Pasta is an everyday food for many families, and it will stay fresh, maintaining its flavor while preventing buildup of harmful chemicals when packaged correctly (like we do).  Pasta can be ready and available, and with marinara and other sauces, you will never get sick of just eating the same old thing. Pasta adds flexibility, versatility, and traditional basics. Of course, at Prep SOS, we always focus on quality, and you can count on us.