Essential Food Storage Items

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Emergency Food Storage Essentials

The day of a giant storm is not the time to get down to the brass tacks of emergency preparation or food storage. You want to be prepared now so that when it comes time to pick up your things and run or hunker down in your safe house, you can worry about something other than basics such as natural disaster food and water. Buying your essentials now can give you peace of mind and an emergency food supply that you won’t cringe at the thought of eating.

For breakfast, you can start with maple brown sugar oatmeal, cereal, or granola. Any of these can be combined with freeze dried strawberries or a variety of fruit.

For lunch, you can try our Rio Grande Beans and Rice Bucket for easy to make, no-effort food that fills you up or simple pinto beans. We even offer a Staple and Beverage Kit, which gives you a variety of different meals and drinks in one packet designed to care for you and your family.

With a sweet 16 pack (for those who really want to be prepared) and individual buckets and meal packs, you can decide how prepared you want to be and how much variety you want or don’t want in your emergency food supply. You can still get fruits and vegetables in freeze-dried and dehydrated forms, helping you to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals you need.

Bottom line: you can decide what your food storage essentials are. Some may prefer one of our predetermined variety packs while others may consider mac and cheese, beans, or freeze dried diced apples to be more appropriate. The most important thing to think of when creating your own survival kits or building food storage is to pick what you like and stick to what you will actually eat/drink.