Dehydrated Food Storage

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Dehydrated Emergency Food

Welcome to our selection of dehydrated food storage buckets and products. Here you will find nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, meal kits, and much more. Our dehydrated emergency food supply buckets are dried using a proprietary process that maintains a delicious taste, texture, and nutrition. The food preservation method of dehydration is simple; Remove the water to keep bacteria, yeasts, and molds out and store in proper pouches and at proper temperatures.

The great thing about dehydrated food storage is that, when using a purpose-oriented dehydration process, it has a shelf-life of 20 years or more. You can dehydrate your own fruits, vegetables, and meats but most at-home dehydrators don’t maintain the nutritional value of the food nor do they include everything you need to really stretch out their shelf-life to their full potential. These products are tested throughout all the stages of production to ensure you are getting the best product available. The ingredients used in our dehydrated products are non-GMO and all-natural.

Our dehydrated food storage selection includes the fruits:  Strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, pineapples, raspberries, dehydrated fruit variety buckets, and more. Our dehydrated vegetable buckets include:  potato slices, vegetable variety buckets, green beans, diced tomatoes, tomato flakes, corn, and more. The selection of dehydrated meal kits on our site are:  72 hour kits, entrée food kits, meats, breakfast, lunch, and dinner packs, soup kits, pasta kits, chili, and we’re always adding more. We also sell dehydrated milk in a handful of varieties. They are 100% real dehydrated whey milk, dehydrated whey milk substitute, and dehydrated chocolate whey milk.

To prepare this dehydrated emergency food you typically just need to add water (and heat for the meals that need to be boiled.) Some don’t even require prepare, just open and consume or through throw in the vegetables into soups and such. The dehydrated milk is super easy to make, just add water and stir or shake and drink.