Soup for Food Storage

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Soup for Food Storage
Store what you eat. Don’t store anything you don’t actually like eating on a normal basis, because it is just going to go to waste and make your experience during a disaster that much more unpleasant. On the other hand, soup can be a great part of your food storage that is easy to eat, tastes like soup you might be used to, and you can still get quite a variety.
There are quite a few vegetarian options, stews, chowders, and even a tomato basil soup that can be combined with bread or quite a few other foods that you might have in your storage. Soup does not have to be preserved with dehydration, and it doesn’t take much prep later on.
Our corn chowder will fill you up while our tomato basil will satisfy your taste buds at any time, even when there is no emergency to speak of. We offer individual soups as well as a soup kit that includes packets of all of our different soups, and it makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to start their own food storage supply.
Our soups are tasty and nutritious, meeting your nutritional needs when you’re in a pinch, and some people eat them every day and simply replace them in their food storage as needed.  We would encourage you to do this both to see which soups you like and to cycle your food storage to make sure it is always as fresh as possible.
To give you the best emergency food supply possible, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our food, including our soups. Because of this, we have been able to provide taste and nutrition that lasts, and we will continue to do this every time with every soup for every customer.