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Survival Products

During an emergency it may come down to survival of the fittest; Or survival of the Most Prepared. You will need to have a plan; One that covers all the necessities such as: Food Storage, water, shelter, protection, power, lighting, medical supplies, and more.

In the world we live in today there could be any sort of collapse of society in which you may or may not want to find yourself around other people outside of your immediate family. Civil unrest, civil disorder or civil strife, whatever you want to call it you may want to have a bug out shelter or cabin out in the woods somewhere. In the case of a riot or large-scale arson there may be a need to protect yourself and your family, friends, neighbors, etc. It may be a necessity to store weapons including guns, ammo, knives and more in case someone tries to attack your house and there is no police, national guard or Army to uphold the peace.

In the scenario of a long-term government downfall you may find yourself finding necessities in the wilderness and have to live off the land. In addition to having several months if not years of food storage, water and other supplies, you should also have knowledge of what local plants, animals and insects are good to eat, how to gather, collect, catch, and hunt them as well as prepare them properly for safe and sanitary human consumption supply.

One of the toughest things after taking care of sufficient nourishment is the access to proper shielding from the elements of nature. In the event of needing to leave the comforts of your home you should have preparations in place to cover yourself from rain, snow, the cold, or even extreme sun exposure. It is also of utmost importance to have a plan in place of where to rendezvous with your family and other loved ones should you not be able to get home due to wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, fault lines shifting or any other number of possible natural disasters or cataclysmic catastrophes. Don’t let a natural disaster sneak up on you by preparing now!