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Products for Nuclear Disasters

We’re not experiencing the red scare anymore, and most countries have always realized that it goes both ways.  If you send a nuclear bomb over to another country, you are essentially signing your own death warrant. Of course, today we have to worry about North Korea, and many wonder if they actually know, or if their current leadership cares. 

In the event of a nuclear scare or an actual nuclear bombing though, you want to be prepared should you survive.  In that event, it is no longer just about food storage, it’s about protecting yourself by taking the initiative early on.

In 1982, potassium iodide was recognized by the United States Food & Drug Administration as a way to specifically protect thyroid glands from radioactive incidents, whether accidental or the result of a nuclear bombing. We have seen it over and over. An accident at a local plant allows dangerous chemicals to leak out into the ground water, and the local townspeople suffer from high rates of certain cancer and disease for years after. Don’t let this happen to you.

Of course, even the potassium iodide we sell cannot protect you from everything. However, by saturating the body prior to exposure (in other words you should start taking it now), you can prevent radioiodine absorption by the thyroid, decreasing your risk of radioactive related thyroid cancer.  We specifically stock Food for Health Potassium Iodide, guaranteeing you a product that is lab certified as 99.7% pure.

If you want to protect yourself from the effects of a nuclear disaster (accidental or not) in these uncertain times, it is essential to have potassium iodide in your diet.  We provide potassium iodide that you can store in your food storage, survival kits, and your kitchen cabinet for everyday use.