Aquamira Divvy 500 Emergency Water Filtration System


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Disaster Response / Emergency Water Supply / Divvy 500

ClearlyFiltered is proud to present the DIVVY 500 Emergency Filtration Station is built to filter any Lake, River, Stream or swimming pool.

Comes with two 250 gallon tanks (totalling 500 gallons.)

Designed to meet the demanding needs of: First Responders, Churches, Schools, Fire Departments, Home Owners Associations, Communities, Disaster Relief Organizations, Not-For-Profits, Self Reliant Individuals, Preppers, Homesteaders, Hospitals, Health Organizations, and International Aid Relief.

This revolutionary Emergency Response system can turn otherwise undrinkable water sources into fresh, drinkable water suitable for human or animal consumption in less than 90 minutes.

With a flow rate of 250 gallons per hour  or ~4gpm, the Divvy filter system can provide water for a large group of people. Specifically in the time of a natural disaster or emergency. There are 4 hose attachments for easy distribution (Yes you can have multiple people filling up at the same time!)

The entire system requires NO Electricity, NO Tools for Assembly and is 100% Portable. Using Aquamira’s tested and proven Chlorine disinfection technology, the system can purify virtually any freshwater source. The in-line filter then REMOVES the remaining chlorine resulting in nothing but great-tasting, clean drinking water that is SAFE for everyone. The System is Proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Each System is divided into 3 containers weighing a combined total of just over 175lbs. Through the use of hand pumps, super-chlorination and state of the art filtration media, the Divvy 500 Base Camp makes quick work of purifying water. Even when that water has Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E. Coli, Cholera or Salmonella.

The chlorination process is NSF approved and all water must go through the final filtration process so as to remove the residual chlorine from the water supply. The result is water that is guaranteed to be safe to drink and free from any waterborne pathogens that could potentially make you sick.

System has an indefinite shelf-life and folds up into 3 convenient storage cases when not in use. Can be assembled in less than 20minutes by 1-2 people with ease.

Those looking for a scalable solution to water purification need not look any further than the ClearlyFiltered Emergency Filtration System. Disasters strike when you least expect it, don’t get Caught without one!

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