Augason Farms Country Fresh 100% Real Nonfat Milk 4 Gallon Pail – 216 Servings – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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High in calcium and fortified with vitamins A and D, Augason Farms Country Fresh 100% Nonfat Milk is dry powdered milk that’s an easy way to add extra nutrients to your diet. It is made from whole cow’s milk, is certified gluten free and tastes delicious mixed into drinks, puddings, and shakes. It’s a must have item to keep on your baking ingredients list and an essential item to add to your emergency food supply. Augason Farms country fresh 100% nonfat milk is the perfect way to keep the high nutritional value of milk in your diet every day or during emergencies with no refrigeration required for storage. Shelf life up to 20 years based on storage conditions. Family owned and operated since 1972, Augason Farms products are guaranteed for their great taste and superior quality. Include Augason Farms in your pantry for everyday use or in your emergency food supply for the unexpected.


  • Total servings: 216
  • Total calories: 17, 280
  • Calories per serving: 80
  • Net weight: 10 lbs (4.54 kg)
  • Shelf life: up to 20 years

Product will be packaged in pouches, cans, buckets or boxes. The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same exact product listed and carry the same characteristics such as gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, all-natural, etc. Servings per pouch may or may not be exactly the same as shown in the product description but you will get at least as many servings as you order.

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