Frog & Co. LifeShield® Self Defense Kit – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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Frog & Co. LifeShield® Self Defense Kit provides three essential tools for personal safety. Ideal for those uncomfortable with guns, this non-lethal kit offers a temporary disablement, providing an opportunity to escape. Compact, easy-to-use, and legal in most states; however, check local laws for regulations. Stun Gun is prohibited in some states, Pepper Gel Spray may have size restrictions, while Personal Alarm is legal nationwide. Offering compliance with your local laws. Stay prepared and prioritize your safety with this comprehensive self-defense kit.


Stun Gun: 2.2 Million Volts, compact size, with an attached lanyard rope for convenience.
Pepper Gel Spray: Up to 25 bursts, 10% OC, 1.33% capsaicinoid, and a range of 10 feet.
Personal Alarm: 120 dB sound level, 600 feet range, compact design powered by included CR1632x2 alkaline batteries.


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