Frog & Co. Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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Introducing the Frog & Co. Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set—an ideal training kit to master the art of lock-picking effortlessly.


Everything Included: 12 different picks, 3 tension wrenches, 1 see-through pin-tumbler padlock, and a convenient leather pouch.
Lightweight and Compact: Despite its comprehensive content, the entire set weighs only 6 ounces, offering portability.
Tough and Durable: Crafted with durable carbon-based metal, the picks and wrenches in this set are built to last.
Makes a Great Hobby: Explore the challenge of opening discarded locks and join the worldwide community of lockpick hobbyists.


12 Lock picks for any type of lock
3 Tension wrenches
1 See-through padlock and key
1 Leather pouch
1 FREE eBook download “Picking Locks for Beginners: How to Get Started” (Instant Digital Download)
Now You Have Access to Any Lock, or Room

Unlock the potential with the Ultimate Access Lockpick Set. Gain VIP access to areas currently restricted, providing crucial survival advantages during emergencies. This set equips you with high-quality picks and a see-through practice padlock, accelerating your skill development to master level.


Included Padlock Type: Pin-tumbler
Weight: 6 oz.

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