Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Silicone Food Molds Set




  • Silicone molds fit perfectly into either medium or large Harvest Right freeze dryer trays
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions that occur during freeze drying
  • Each section holds approx. 1 tablespoon
  • Food-grade premium silicone, BPA free, easy to clean and release
  • Perfect for freeze drying yogurt, smoothies, pudding, JELLO, liquids, and more.
  • Medium molds have a total of 60 sections per tray

These food-grade silicon tray molds are able to withstand extreme temperatures, they fit right into the metal trays, freeze-dried food pops out easily, and they’re easy to clean. You can even throw them right in the dishwasher. You won’t know you’ve been missing them until you buy a set of your own!

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