4Patriots BugOUT Solar Rechargeable Lantern & Bug Zapper – Kills Mosquitoes, Flies & Other Insects, Indoor & Outdoor Use – (SHIPS IN 5-9 WEEKS)


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A MUST if you like the outdoors free of pesky insects. The BugOUT Solar
Lantern is a solar bug zapper that kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats & more. It
uses an internal UV light to attract pesky insects up to 845 sq ft away &
traps them. Then, the solar-powered electric grid zaps the flying pests. With
a built-in solar panel, you can leave your solar bug lamp in the sun to
charge. Or, use the usb-recharging feature to “fast-charge” your bug zapper.
When fully charged, your solar bug lantern gives you up to 16 hours of bug-
zapping protection. And since it’s cordless, it’s completely portable. Take it
to the campsite or hang it on the patio. The self-cleaning brush removes
insects that get stuck in the electric grid. No more bug spray or battery-
powered rackets needed. Pesticide free & safe to use around kids. Keep it
outdoors in the backyard or front lawn to protect your yard. Or leave it on a
tabletop indoors to catch annoying fruit flies & gnats. Rainproof & water
resistant. No power cord needed, so you can take it camping, hunting, fishing
& more.


  • KILLS MOSQUITOES, FLIES & OTHER INSECTS: This portable solar bug lantern zaps pesky flying insects. Keep it outside to kill mosquitoes & flies or bring it inside to stop fruit flies & gnats. UV light attracts insects up to 845 sq ft away to the solar-powered zapper. No bug spray or large rackets needed. Pesticide free & kid friendly
  • SOLAR CHARGEABLE: Your solar bug zapper can recharge using the sun using the built-in solar panel. Leave it hanging on the deck, patio, or at the campsite to recharge. Anywhere that gets sunlight can charge your solar bug zapper. That makes this solar bug lamp totally portable. Or, you can recharge it with the included USB-recharging cord.
  • RAINPROOF: The BugOUT Solar Lantern is water resistant. Take it camping, fishing, or outdoors & trust it to resist rain & splashes. Or leave it hanging in the backyard, on a patio, or in the front lawn & know it can stand up to a pop-up shower. That way, your mosquito & insect protection won't go away even when it's wet.
  • PERFECT FOR: Camping, fishing, hunting, enjoying time in the yard, & campfires. Use indoors for fruit fly & gnat protection or outdoors for mosquito & pesky fly control. You can hang it on a hook on your patio or on sturdy tree branches. It can go where you go thanks to cordless solar recharging.
  • SELF-CLEANING BRUSH: The BugOUT Solar Lantern cleans itself. Every 72 hours, the self-cleaning brush will run. It runs both clockwise & counterclockwise to clean every part of the electric grid. Then, it sweeps all the mosquitoes & other insects to the bottom. All you do is empty the chamber.

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