Alaska Smokehouse Trio of Smoked Salmon/Pepper Garlic/Sockeye Gift Set 4 ounce each – (SHIPS IN 5-9 WEEKS)


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Are you hungry for smoked salmon but find it too hard to decide which salmon to choose? Then try our three-pack sampler! Now receive 4 ounces of smoked salmon natural style, 4 ounces of our pepper garlic smoked salmon, and 4 ounces of smoked salmon Sockeye style. Our Smoked salmon natural style is smoked in our traditional native American brine and characterized by a light pink color, Fine texture and mild flavor. Our Smoked salmon pepper garlic style is soaked in brine that contains a mouthwatering combination of black pepper and garlic and has the same light pink color and fine texture as the natural salmon. Our Smoked salmon Sockeye style, The best-known Northwest salmon, has exceptionally rich flavor, reddish color and firm texture. No preservatives, coloring, oils, or artificial ingredients are ever added to these fillets. These fillets are hot smoked on the docks of ketchikan! Each Fillet is inspected before it is sealed in a gold foil pouch. Containing high protein and low Carbs, being wild caught and kosher-certified, our natural Alaskan smoked salmon fillets are all hand filleted and soaked in traditional native American brine. For the hungry connoisseur of smoked salmon, there is no better choice than our three pack!


  • Alaska Smokehouse Smoked Salmon/Pepper Garlic/Sockeye Wood Gift Box, 4-Ounce Each
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