Augason Farms Freeze-Dried Fruit Variety Pail – 86 Fruit Servings & 113 Spiff-e-Whip Servings – (SHIPS IN 5-9 WEEKS)

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  • 86 servings of fruit +113 servings of spiff-e-whip
  • Total varieties: 5 fruits Plus 1 can of spiff-e-whip
  • Perfect for food storage, emergencies, survival, camping, and everyday use!
  • Shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years depending on individual items

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Augason Farms Emergency Preparedness Food Storage Fruit Strawberries Apple Banana Raspberries


Augason Farms fruit variety Pail offers you a healthy and delicious selection of fruits. As the title suggests, you can enjoy a variety of fruits and use your culinary ideas to blend them into smoothies, whip up a fruit salad, use in your favorite recipe or eat as a nutritious snack right out of the package. They’re ideal for emergency food storage or everyday use. no washing, peeling or slicing enjoy as a healthy, on-the-go snack add to smoothies, cereals, desserts, salads and more perfect for long term food storage and emergency preparedness shelf life ranges from 10 to 30 years* Includes 1 Pouch freeze dried sliced strawberries (20 servings) 1 Pouch freeze dried Apple dices (16 servings) 1 Pouch freeze dried whole raspberries (20 servings) 1 Pouch freeze dried whole blueberries (22 servings) 1 Pouch banana chips (8 servings) 1 can spiff-e-whip dessert topping (113 servings) total varieties: 5 fruits plus 1 can of spiff-e-whip total quantity: 5 pouches, 1 can total servings: 86 +113 total calories: 5, 915 Pail size: 4 Gallon Pail with handles shelf life: ranges from 10 to 30 years* *Shelf life of ranges from 10 to 30 years based on food type. Unopened products included in kit retain their shelf life after kit container is opened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55° F and 70° F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions. Family owned and operated since 1972, Augason Farms believes that great taste is a tradition worth preserving. Crafted with a focus on taste and nutrition, their products are manufactured to the highest standards. Whether used for everyday meals or keeping them as an emergency food supply for use years down the road, you can be confident that augason Farm’s long term food storage products are for quality and taste every time.

Product Details: Fruit Variety Pail

Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries – Certified Gluten Free

Freeze dried foods are not just for camping or to be used as part of your emergency food storage or 72 hour kit. These Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries from Augason Farms are packed with vitamin C and can be enjoyed daily as a snack or even on cold cereal. You can also reconstitute them with a little water and use them in your strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshakes or to top off your strawberry torte.

Freeze Dried Apple Dices – Certified Gluten Free

Enjoy the delicious tart flavor of Fresh picked apples everyday with Augason Farms Freeze Dried Apple Dices. Just open a can and enjoy the crisp texture of these antioxidant rich apple dices. You can even add water to use in your favorite recipes like apple crisp or apple cinnamon muffins. Who knew freeze dried foods could taste so good?

Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries – Certified Gluten Free

Augason Farms Freeze Dried Whole Raspberries are full of flavor, antioxidants and vitamin C. These raspberries have a fresh, perfectly tart taste great for snacks or use in your emergency food supply. You can add this freeze dried fruit to your favorite breakfast meals or add them to desserts like raspberry white chocolate cookies or raspberry dusted fudge.

Freeze Dried Whole Blueberries – Certified Gluten Free

Augason Farms offers a variety of healthy freeze dried fruits you will be excited about, like these scrumptious Freeze Dried Whole Blueberries. Rehydrate them with a little water and enjoy them in pancakes, muffins, cheesecake or to add flavor to your granola. They’re also great for 72 hour kits and long term food storage.

Banana Chips

Banana Chips can be used in so many ways: as a sweet and crispy snack, in trail mix, in hot oatmeal, with ice cream, or in your favorite cookie recipe. The options are endless! Augason Farms Banana Chips are a favorite for adults and kids of all ages. They’re perfect for everyday use, long term food storage or used in your emergency food kit.

Spiff-E-Whip Dessert Topping

Whipped topping has never been so easy to prepare. Just add water, whip and in minutes you have a delicious topping that’s perfect for a slice of pie, cup of hot chocolate or bowl of fruit. You can even add it to baking recipes to improve texture and moistness. Spiff-E-Whip is perfectly sweet so there is no need to add sugar or vanilla. Just whip it up and it’s perfect.


Augason Farms


Not only were they pioneers in the survival food business, they source, formulate and produce the most nutritious emergency foods on the market. They ensure their foods not only taste great, but also provide you with the calories and proteins your body needs to run at maximum efficiency.

  • Several Augason Farm food kits exceed the USDA recommendation of 2,000+ calories per day.
  • Our customers have discovered the Augason difference and give them high seller ratings.


Their ability to be at the helm of their entire supply line from sourcing to production gives them the exclusive ability to meet the changing market or customer demands. Their proprietary manufacturing process has been designed and improved over the past four decades to create a facility second to none.

Augason Farms commitment to quality and taste has motivated them to design and operate the most cutting edge production facility in the emergency food business. Their specially engineered product bags are made to keep our products safe, tasty and nutritious to eat for up to 25 years. This commitment has earned them certifications from the FDA, QSA and GMP. When you choose Augason Farms, you know you’re buying from the best.


Augason Farms is a family run survival food company that was started in 1972. Phil Augason started Augason Farms because he was so disappointed in the quality and selection of emergency food products on the market. His first priority was to produce a healthy, great tasting powdered milk. After months of trial and error, he formulated Morning Moo’s Milk, our number one selling instant milk. The success of Morning Moo’s convinced Phil that there was a market full of people who wanted survival food that was not only nutritious, but was great tasting as well.

This led to the formulation of our simple mission statement:


From that simple objective, Augason Farms has grown into one of the most respected, diverse emergency food companies in the world.


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    I was very pleased with the ease of the website to be able to find what I was looking for. I bought these for Christmas gifts for my family to add to their year supplies and they were all excited for it. I will def continue to buy products from you, I love the quality of the food items.

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