Augason Farms whole eggs should be a staple in your food storage. With a 10 year shelf life, no refrigeration requirements, and the endless cooking possibilities how could you not stock up on them? These powdered eggs will fulfill all your baking needs, provide a yummy breakfast, or become an added protein boost to your sandwiches, salads, and burritos.

When purchasing items for food storage a common question is: How will this sustain myself and my family in an emergency? With eggs the answer to that question is simple. One whole egg can have up to 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B-12. These key nutrients are important to sustain life. The amount of protein and fat will also provide a full satisfied feeling, which is and important quality to have in an emergency where food would need to be rationed.

  • 628 servings
  • Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein
  • Durable airtight pail keeps food fresh
  • Oxygen absorbers and re-sealable pail ensure maximum shelf life
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • 10 year shelf life*

Sealed pails containing oxygen absorbers are the most effective long-term method of controlling the deteriorating effects of light, moisture and oxygen on the contents.

*Sealed/Opened to 1 year. Best when stored in a cool dry place at temperatures between 55F and 70F (ideal humidity 15 percent).

Brand: Augason Farms
Shelf Life: 10+ Years

Product will be packaged in pouches, cans, buckets or boxes. The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same exact product listed and carry the same characteristics such as gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, all-natural, etc. Servings per pouch may or may not be exactly the same as shown in the product description but you will get at least as many servings as you order.

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