Blue Two Tank Stackable Water Storage System 320 Total Gallons

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WaterPrepared 160 Gallon Large Capacity Water Storage Tanks.

Water lasts longer. Specially blended UV resistant plastic helps protect your water agains bacteria build-up. When mixed with an easy rotation system, WaterPrepared tanks will insure your water will be safe for when you need it most.

Tanks are stronger. WaterPrepared tanks are made with a rugged high-density polyetheline (HDPE) that is BPA free, FDA/NSF approved, and specifically engineered to handle the pressure of hundreds of gallons of water for decades.

Accessing your emergency water is easier. WaterPrepared large capacity tanks are designed with two spigots that connect to a standard garden hose. The front and center “utility valves” offer full flexibily in the use of your emergency water storage systems.

Takes less space! WaterPrepared’s unique stackable design gives you the option to stack your tanks or set them side by side. When empty, each tank weighs less than 45 pounds and takes up less space than two generic 55 gallon water drums.


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