Campfare Chicken Tikka Masala With French Green Lentils – 18-Pack Case – (SHIPS IN 1-3 WEEKS)


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Case contains 18 pouches.

Our Chicken Tikka Masala with French Green Lentils is made with antibiotic and hormone-free natural chicken breast simmered in a masala spiced creamy tomato sauce with French green lentils. So tastyGreat for camping (or at home) and you want an extra punch of flavor. Try something a little more exotic!

  • Fully-cooked, fully-hydrated and ready-to-eat
  • Not Freeze-dried
  • Single serving
  • Heat inner pouch directly in boiling water for 2 minutes to prepare
  • Serve directly from pouch or in a bowl or plate
  • No refrigeration required
  • Shelf stable for 5 years+
  • Weight: 11oz / 10.4oz with outer sleeve removed


Campfare Premium Meals


  At Campfare, we believe nutrition should be both powerful and delicious. Quality food should be convenient so it can enhance your adventures. That’s why we proudly offer chef-crafted, portable, ready to eat meals that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. All meals are fully-hydrated and ready to eat. Simply heat entire pouch in hot water for 2 minutes! Not freeze dried, not dehydrated! Easier to prepare and more delicious. Each unit is fully-cooked and contains one shelf stable pouch with a best by date of 3-7 years.

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