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Spagyric Hemp Ache Away Topical Spray

Whole Hemp CBD Extract, 100mg of Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids, Including CBD


Spray the ache away with this all natural herbal blend!

  • All natural herbal blend that’s made with organically grown Colorado hemp.
  • Hemp supplement that’s designed to help modulate inflammation while providing relief.
  • Made with our modern spagyric extraction process to create a potent and highly active hemp oil.

Enerhealth Botanicals provides some of the best all-natural hemp products, organic herbal extracts, and plant-based health supplements that are all designed to help nourish, improve, and elevate everyday health.

What to expect from our powerful, potent hemp topical spray:


  • Ethically and organically grown hemp
  • Non-psychoactive hemp product
  • Potent and highly active hemp oil
  • Made with all-natural ingredients.
Skullcap Herb has calming effects, can promote relaxation, and can support healthy sleep.
Nettles Leaf providing overall nourishment, Nettles herb helps the body deal with the effects of allergens; it works by modulating the body’s inflammatory pathways to support upper respiratory health. This herb also promotes detoxification and healthy blood.
White Willow Bark modulates inflammation and is used as a preventative.
Ginger Root a therapeutic herb, promotes a healthy inflammatory response, one of its many beneficial properties.
Lobelia is a muscle inflammation reducer.
Menthol soothes minor aches and discomforts of the muscles and joints. Menthol works by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm.
Whole Plant Hemp Extract supports the nervous system and can promote healthy sleep and relaxation. It also contains a large cannabinoid profile and incorporates trace minerals through spagyric extraction.

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