Heaven’s Harvest Puck Firestarter Kit – 30 Discs – Start up to 120 Fires – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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In any emergency situation time is of the essence. Don’t waste it trying to start a fire.

Our superior and easy to use firestarter discs are safe and clean! Made from cedar sawdust and highly refined wax, they leave no residue or toxic chemicals behind. They light quickly reaching temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees in 2 minutes and will burn for 20-30 minutes. Each disc can be broken into 4 equal parts when only a small fire is needed and will light even if wet.

  • 30 individually wrapped firestarter discs, up to 120 fires.
  • Each disc is 4 inches by 1 inch about the size of a hockey puck.
  • Comes in one 2 gallon water tight bucket.
  • Weighs 8lbs.
  • Bucket Dimensions are 10x10x10

  • Remove outer plastic from around disc.
  • Place disc in desired location.
  • Light each side with match until flame catches.

Once the disc is lit do not disturb. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.


Heaven's Harvest Emergency Food & Heirloom Seeds

Why Heaven’s Harvest?

Why does Heaven’s Harvest stand out from other Survival Food Companies?  Because it all comes down to the contents of the kit!  Heaven’s Harvest food kits provide you with serving sizes and calories that fill you up for long haul –  No juice or drink mixes and no bags or rice to weight it down. Don’t take our word for it, make the comparison! Simply take a look at the contents of our kits and you will be pleasantly surprised by the food variety and serving sizes.

Why not canned food or dehydrated? Freeze-drying is a process that preserves food by removing 98% of it’s water. Because of this, it offers a much longer shelf-life than dehydrated foods; 25 years in fact.  Not only that, freeze-drying also retains original shape, flavor, color, and texture. And unlike canning, freeze-dried foods retain nearly 97% of their vitamins and minerals! 

So why are freeze-dried foods more expensive?  Because of the intensive two-step process it takes to produce this quality food.  It’s ready when you need it! Peace of mind in dire situations is priceless.  To feed a family of four, for one month check out our 6 Month Combo Kit.

Why all fuss about heirloom seeds? 

Did you know, if you were to take the seed from a grocery store fruit or vegetable – say a green pepper, for example – you may not actually grow another green pepper?  That genetically modified (GMO) seed may produce something entirely different, or nothing at all!

Heaven’s Harvest Seed kits contain only Heirloom, Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Open-Pollinated seeds. Seeds created simply, by nature. Heirloom seeds have been harvested from a plant grown 75+ years prior. Heirloom seeds are known for their tremendous yield, flavor, and hardiness. Which is why they’ve been passed down generation after generation – like a treasured family keepsake, they’re an Heirloom!

Our Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit contains 39 different varieties of hand-selected, non-hybrid, non-gmo, seeds. We use high grade Mylar Foil packs to store our seed. Mylar Foil reflects heat and light, so it is perfect for keeping your seeds fresh (it’s the same stuff NASA uses in Space to store their food!!) Sealed inside the mylar foil bags, Heaven’s Harvest heirloom seeds have

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