*NorthWest Fork Gluten-Free Dehydrated 30 Day Food Supply – Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Vegan – (SHIPS IN 1-3 WEEKS)


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30 days of gluten free emergency food from Oregon’s valleys

Whether preparing for a trek or ensuring you and your family will be ready in a time of need, NorthWest Fork makes sure you won’t sacrifice health or flavor.

30-day food supply includes six thickly-lined, resealable bags containing 15 servings each. Heavy duty oxygen absorbers make sure your meals stay fresh for at least 10 years.

We locally source gluten-free oats made from cleaned, de-hulled and lightly roasted seeds that are steamed and flaked in Eugene, Oregon. High-quality black and pinto beans are precooked, dehydrated and flaked in Oregon’s beautiful Umpqua Valley. A blend of fruits grown in the tropical sunshine round out your diet. We lightly season our meals with flavor blends crafted and produced in small town Sutherlin, Oregon.

The box contains:

1 Pouch – Strawberry Banana Oatmeal: The best part of waking up is knowing you can count on a hearty meal. Organic sugars sweeten the gluten free oat and fruit blend.

1 Pouch – Tropical Trio Oatmeal: Mix up your diet with sweet and tangy mangos, pineapple and banana. Organic sugars lightly sweeten the gluten free oats.

1 Pouch – Black Bean Chipotle Stew: A hearty mid-day meal with a kick. Seasoned with a flavorful chipotle blend of spices. Eat over rice or quinoa or enjoy on its own.

1 Pouch – Pinto Bean Stew: Thick stew that will keep you full on your treks with simple and back to nature ingredients that give you protein. Wrap it up in a burrito, eat it over rice or just chow down.

1 Pouch – Seasoned Green Pea Soup: Just like grandma made. Garlic, onions and a dash of salt flavor California-grown green peas. Blended up and ready for you to enjoy.

1 Pouch – Black Bean Soup: It’s black beans. Pure protein with classic simplicity you can count on.

Vegan, kosher and soy, gluten, nut and GMO free. Packaged in resealable 5.5mil thick Mylar bags. 10 year sealed shelf life and maintains freshness for two months after opening.


NorthWest Fork

NorthWest Fork: Healthy Survival Meals for all.

Backpack, camp and prepare for emergencies with protein packed, gluten free meals prepared with love in Oregon’s beautiful Umpqua Valley. Vegan, kosher, gluten, nut and GMO free. Put your health first. Real customer reviews: "The 30-day food supply meal from Kester Foods was fantastic, and ever so delicious. I was not expecting this kind of quality from a dehydrated vegan food product. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family!" - Ryann L. "I bought this for my daughter and her fiance for their backpacking trip on the Continental Divide Trail next spring. I like that it is truly instant for a quick meal on the trail. The ingredients look good and the meal descriptions sound great." - Danna C. "I am relieved to have this for my family in case we ever need it. A ten year shelf life is really good too. Thank you for making a vegan and gluten free product!" - Michele W. "This is what I expect in prepper food! This should be the standard that all pepper food is held to." - William C.


Based on 3 staples: Oats, beans and freeze dried fruit All of these ingredients are non-GMO and gluten free.


These food supply meals are handcrafted in beautiful Roseburg, Oregon.


High quality O² absorber inside each 15-serving pouch 10 year shelf life


Allergy-friendly Free from soy, nuts, dairy and vegan friendly

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