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Our e-gift cards make a great gift for any occasion! The cards never expire and can be purchased in a large selection of amounts. They can be used on any product and brand we sell, even sale items. Can also be stacked with any coupon codes that you might have.

Note: these are e-gift cards, not physical gift cards. You can email the code or print it out to gift for Christmas, Birthdays or any occasion.

For Instant Delivery, just enter the recipient’s email address below in the “To” form field. Want to print it out and give as a physical gift? enter your email address in the “To” form field and you’ll receive it instantly!

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72 Hours

900 Food Bars

Alaska Smokehouse


American Red Cross

The American Red Cross Partners with ReadyWise for Emergency Food Kits!



Astronaut Foods

Augason Farms


Not only were they pioneers in the survival food business, they source, formulate and produce the most nutritious emergency foods on the market. They ensure their foods not only taste great, but also provide you with the calories and proteins your body needs to run at maximum efficiency.

  • Several Augason Farm food kits exceed the USDA recommendation of 2,000+ calories per day.
  • Our customers have discovered the Augason difference and give them high seller ratings.


Their ability to be at the helm of their entire supply line from sourcing to production gives them the exclusive ability to meet the changing market or customer demands. Their proprietary manufacturing process has been designed and improved over the past four decades to create a facility second to none.

Augason Farms commitment to quality and taste has motivated them to design and operate the most cutting edge production facility in the emergency food business. Their specially engineered product bags are made to keep our products safe, tasty and nutritious to eat for up to 25 years. This commitment has earned them certifications from the FDA, QSA and GMP. When you choose Augason Farms, you know you’re buying from the best.


Augason Farms is a family run survival food company that was started in 1972. Phil Augason started Augason Farms because he was so disappointed in the quality and selection of emergency food products on the market. His first priority was to produce a healthy, great tasting powdered milk. After months of trial and error, he formulated Morning Moo’s Milk, our number one selling instant milk. The success of Morning Moo’s convinced Phil that there was a market full of people who wanted survival food that was not only nutritious, but was great tasting as well.

This led to the formulation of our simple mission statement:


From that simple objective, Augason Farms has grown into one of the most respected, diverse emergency food companies in the world.


Backpacker's Pantry

Bear Essentials Survival

Bega Cheese


Blue Can Water

Canned Water with a 50 Year Shelf-Life!

It even tolerates being stored in a warm area. In a survival situation water is even more important than food. You also need water to rehydrate all that dehydrated and freeze-dried food you’ve been buying. This product comes in soda-sized cans and larger cans as well. Don’t wait, stock up right now in bulk! You won’t be sorry you did.


Brod & Taylor Food Dehydrators

Clearly Filtered



Compact Provisions

Cosori Food Dehydrators

Country Cream

Country Living

Cox's Honey





Eden Valley Farms

EMP Shield

Enerhealth Botanicals


First Need

Food for the Sole

Freeze Dry Wholesalers

Fresh and Honest

Future Essentials

Gamma Seal

Good To-Go

Grizzly Gear

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Health Support Soups

Heaven's Harvest Emergency Food & Heirloom Seeds

Why Heaven’s Harvest?

Why does Heaven’s Harvest stand out from other Survival Food Companies?  Because it all comes down to the contents of the kit!  Heaven’s Harvest food kits provide you with serving sizes and calories that fill you up for long haul –  No juice or drink mixes and no bags or rice to weight it down. Don’t take our word for it, make the comparison! Simply take a look at the contents of our kits and you will be pleasantly surprised by the food variety and serving sizes.

Why not canned food or dehydrated? Freeze-drying is a process that preserves food by removing 98% of it’s water. Because of this, it offers a much longer shelf-life than dehydrated foods; 25 years in fact.  Not only that, freeze-drying also retains original shape, flavor, color, and texture. And unlike canning, freeze-dried foods retain nearly 97% of their vitamins and minerals! 

So why are freeze-dried foods more expensive?  Because of the intensive two-step process it takes to produce this quality food.  It’s ready when you need it! Peace of mind in dire situations is priceless.  To feed a family of four, for one month check out our 6 Month Combo Kit.

Why all fuss about heirloom seeds? 

Did you know, if you were to take the seed from a grocery store fruit or vegetable – say a green pepper, for example – you may not actually grow another green pepper?  That genetically modified (GMO) seed may produce something entirely different, or nothing at all!

Heaven’s Harvest Seed kits contain only Heirloom, Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid, Open-Pollinated seeds. Seeds created simply, by nature. Heirloom seeds have been harvested from a plant grown 75+ years prior. Heirloom seeds are known for their tremendous yield, flavor, and hardiness. Which is why they’ve been passed down generation after generation – like a treasured family keepsake, they’re an Heirloom!

Our Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit contains 39 different varieties of hand-selected, non-hybrid, non-gmo, seeds. We use high grade Mylar Foil packs to store our seed. Mylar Foil reflects heat and light, so it is perfect for keeping your seeds fresh (it’s the same stuff NASA uses in Space to store their food!!) Sealed inside the mylar foil bags, Heaven’s Harvest heirloom seeds have

Heirloom Organics



Kelly Kettle

Kitchen Mill

KJ Poultry

Legacy Food Storage

Life Gear


Lion Energy

Long Life Food Depot

Magic Mill Food Dehydrators



Millenium Energy Bars

Energy Bars for Food Storage

Individually wrapped and great flavors! They are very tasty and filling. They come in the following flavors: lemon, raspberry, cherry, tropical fruit, and orange.

Mother Earth Products

Mother Earth Products Food Storage

We believe you can take Mother Earth Products anywhere: on vacation, activities, world travels; to the cellar, basement, or kitchen table; up to the northern lights and down to the south pole glaciers, to campsites, mountain climbing, and your friend’s house; to your vegetable garden, flower garden, and into the little pots you grow tomatoes in; to sunsets, sunrises, and the high noonday light; for your nutritional needs, long term storage, the stew you’ve been wanting to try, or that smoothie that needs some yummy fruit; and to preparedness and a host of other items. What we love about Mother Earth Products is that it fits into our daily lives, and we hope to share that with you all!

Mountain House Food Storage

Mountain House’s Story

Mountain House trace’s their roots to meals made for the United States Special Forces. During the Vietnam Conflict, the military put out a request for food that tasted better, lasted longer and weighed less than old K and C rations. Mountain House’s parent Company, Oregon Freeze Dry, responded to that request and won the contract. They immediately started making freeze dried food as Long Range Patrol rations for the military. They’ve continued making food for the United States Special Forces and other branches of the military ever since. As the war began to wind down, they took our surplus rations to military surplus and sporting goods stores, where they rapidly sold out. It was then in 1969 that they realized the great consumer demand for good tasting, easy to prepare freeze dried food and Mountain House was born.

Why Mountain House?

Their meals have since been on many amazing adventures:

◘ The North and South poles

◘ The tops of towering mountain ranges around the world

◘ Even to the moon and back!

For over 50 years, consumers have continued to choose Mountain House as their favorite brand of freeze dried food for on-the-go adventures, emergency preparedness and survival. With just-add-water convenience, easy no-mess cleanup and home-cooked flavors, Mountain House is the best freeze dried camping, backpacking, hiking and emergency preparedness food money can buy!

Where is Mountain House Located?

Mountain House is nestled in the heart of the lush Willamette Valley of Oregon, just south of Portland. It is there in their hometown of Albany that they cook up our hearty, savory meals.

Nature's Juice Bar

Nomad Nutrition


NorthWest Fork

NorthWest Fork: Healthy Survival Meals for all.

Backpack, camp and prepare for emergencies with protein packed, gluten free meals prepared with love in Oregon’s beautiful Umpqua Valley.

Vegan, kosher, gluten, nut and GMO free. Put your health first.

Real customer reviews:

“The 30-day food supply meal from Kester Foods was fantastic, and ever so delicious. I was not expecting this kind of quality from a dehydrated vegan food product. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and family!” – Ryann L.

“I bought this for my daughter and her fiance for their backpacking trip on the Continental Divide Trail next spring. I like that it is truly instant for a quick meal on the trail. The ingredients look good and the meal descriptions sound great.” – Danna C.

“I am relieved to have this for my family in case we ever need it. A ten year shelf life is really good too. Thank you for making a vegan and gluten free product!” – Michele W.

“This is what I expect in prepper food! This should be the standard that all pepper food is held to.” – William C.


Based on 3 staples: Oats, beans and freeze dried fruit

All of these ingredients are non-GMO and gluten free.


These food supply meals are handcrafted in beautiful Roseburg, Oregon.


High quality O² absorber inside each 15-serving pouch

10 year shelf life



Free from soy, nuts, dairy and vegan friendly


NutriChef Food Dehydrators

Nutrient Survival


  • Who is Nutristore?

    Nutristore offers high-quality preparedness products at great prices to provide you with peace of mind in any circumstance. From tasty, nutritious freeze-dried and dehydrated Nutristore™ foods to complete just add water meals, FoodStorage.com is the place to suit all your preparedness needs!

  • How long do Freeze-dried foods last?

    By storing in optimum conditions, freeze-dried foods should last up to 25 years. These conditions are a cool, dry place between 55°-70°. Most importantly, Freeze-dried foods need to be protected from moisture, oxygen, and sunlight.

  • What are the countries of origin that you source Nutristore foods?

    We have fantastic and trusted food suppliers all over the world! Depending on the time of year or season, we source our Nutristore foods from some of the following countries: USA, Canada, Ecuador, Greece, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina, Serbia, New Zealand, India, Poland, Mexico & Chile.

  • What does the date mean on the bottom of each can?
  • This date is the manufacture date. This is the date that all shelf life is based on.
  • Are your #10 cans BPA free?

    Yes, all our cans are BPA free! It may help to know that our cans are coated with a food-grade enamel. This lining does not contain BPA. This coating is used to further prevent oxygen, moisture, rust and light from coming in contact with the food. This extra effort helps to ensure the best possible shelf life for our products.

  • Are there any allergens in your food?

    Our products are processed in a plant that handles wheat, egg, milk, soy, peanut, and tree nut products.

    Filled by weight, not by volume.  Settling may occur.

One Step Meal

Open Seed Vault

Pandemic Prevention Kits

Peak Refuel

Prep Basics

Prep SOS


Puravai Long-Shelf-Life Water Bottles

Puravai Water for Emergencies

The POWER of Bacteria FREE!

PURAVAI is the purest prepackaged storage water in the emergency preparedness market. When it comes to emergency storage water, even a little bacteria in the water can multiply over time and become millions of bacteria. It’s called CFUs (or Colony Forming Units of Bacteria). Tested independently by one of the top labs in the world, our biggest competitor measured in well over the 500 CFUs per mL the EPA and FDA suggest, yet when PURAVAI was tested by the same lab, the result: ZERO CFUs. That’s a HUGE deal because what that means is your PURAVAI water is clean to drink, even decades later!!

Built to Last for at Least 20 Years!

No other packaged emergency storage can compare to Puravai. Aluminum cans can leak over time, steel cans can rust, and other packaging can puncture, tear, or crush, but our thick BPA Free HDPE bottles are built to last for decades.  Here are a few highlights:

  •  NO Seams: We use induction coils to melt a plastic seal on top of the bottle so there are absolutely no seams, and no seams means water can’t get out and bacteria can’t get in until you open the bottle, even decades later.
  •  Triple Sealed: Our bottles have 3 levels of protection, an induction seal, a click tight lid, and a shrink wrapping over the lid to make sure your water hasn’t been tampered with.  We work to adhere to the high standards the government and military would expect.
  •  High Density Bottles: Our bottles are super thick!! They’re built for the unpredictability of emergency situations.  You can drop, scrape, or bump them, and your water stays protected.
  •  Floats: Even filled to the brim, our bottles are made to float in any water.  You never have to worry about floods or dropping your water off the side of a boat.
  •  No Rotting/Rusting: Because we use high density HDPE bottles, you don’t have to worry about mildew, mold, or rust forming and ruining your water supply.
  •  Waterproof: Because our bottle don’t rust, your water is protected against something as simple as broken pipes or even humidity in the air.
  •  Reusable: Puravai is made of the same material as U.S. military canteens and we added a lid that can be screwed on and off.  So, you can drink portions of your water and close up the bottle throughout the day as well as refill your bottle again and again if needed.
  •  100% Recyclable:  Our HDPE #2 bottles are able to be recycled completely. Instead of overwhelming landfills, our bottles can get repurposed continuously.

Item Specifications:

1-Liter Bottle of Puravai = 2.328 lbs. (3.5”W x 8 3⁄4″H)

Case of 6 One-Liter Bottles = 14.6 lbs. (10 1⁄2″L x 7”W x 8 3⁄4″H)

Pallet of 132 Cases (792 Bottles) = 1,987 lbs. (48”W x 40”L x 61”H)

40’ Shipping Container = 20 Pallets = 39,740 lbs.

Rainy Day Foods

Rainy Day Foods Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Foods


Rainy Day Foods, previously a division of Walton Feed Inc., is known for providing quality dehydrated and freeze-dried food storage. Rainy Day Foods, as a division of Walton Feed, has been in business for over 30 years and is well known for its high quality wheat, originally sold under the Walton Feed label. Rainy Day Foods continues to research and experiment with the technology needed to improve short and long-term storage and preservation. Rainy Day Foods is committed to offering our customers the highest quality of edible grains, dehydrated imitation meats, vegetables, fruits and freeze dried products available as well as items used for storing these products and other emergency supplies. Whether you are looking for food products for meals that can be prepared quickly and easily or you prefer to prepare your meals from scratch using your favorite basic ingredients, Rainy Day Foods can fill your needs.

Rainy Day Foods is a privately owned corporation with its main office and store located in Montpelier, Idaho. Rainy Day Foods provides home food storage and emergency supplies. Walton Feed Inc., in business for over 50 years, also has their main office in Montpelier, Idaho.

Rainy Day Foods sincerely wants your family to succeed in the food storage realm. Always be ready and prepared to take whatever a rainy day throws your way.

With over 250 different products, Rainy Day Foods carries one of the largest varieties of home food storage products with the best quality and market value. They also carry a variety of emergency supplies. Food storage can be purchased in a variety of packaging; such as mylar bags, #10 and #2.5 cans, and plastic buckets. Most of their food products can also be purchased in bulk packages that you can repackage yourself for long-term storage. Rainy Day Foods uses a variety of shipping methods. Your order may be shipped by UPS ground, Federal Express, U.S. mail, LTL freight shipping, and larger truck shipping for qualifying orders depending on the best rates.

Ready America

Ready Supply Foods

ReadyWise Food Storage

Red Feather Butter

Soldier Fuel

Solo Stove

Solo Stove Fire Pits & Stoves

Solo Stove designs simple, ingenious outdoor products to help you create good moments that become lasting memories.

Create good; We are driven by this mantra. Our fire pits, camp stoves, grill, and accessories are designed to help you get in touch with whatever is “good” for you. Whether it’s a primal moment in awe of a flame, the moment right after you’ve taken a hot sip of your favorite beverage in the mountains, or your kid’s face when they bite into a delicious s’more.

We believe we are part of a shared humanity, and we are grateful to have these moments right in front of us to connect with those we love, to remember something meaningful inside ourselves, to appreciate nature in its stunning beauty.

Good moments. Good memories. Good products. So you can create a good life.

SOS Food Labs

SOS Hydration

Sprout Master

Stryve Biltong

Survival Bags

Survival Cave Meats


  • All natural
  • No fat, gristle, or bones
  • Low in sodium
  • Low in cholesterol
  • Gluten free
  • Meats sourced from small US-based farmers
  • No preservatives

At Survival Cave Food, we strongly believe that each customer has a right to receive the absolute finest in survival food. We take great care to ensure that the food you purchase from Survival Cave Food is wholesome, nutritious, easy to prepare, long-lasting, and tastes great. It is our mission to ensure that you and your loved ones are always prepared to face whatever might come your way. We make it our business to meet to your survival needs. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

Survival Essentials Seeds

Survival Tabs


Sustainable Seed Company

Tera Pump

Tribest Food Dehydrators


Valley Food Storage




Wild Zora

Wise Food Storage

Wonder Mill

Wostar Gloves & Masks



These canned meats are fantastic for your emergency food supply. They boast a long shelf-life, taste great, and the cans stack well. These foods come from USDA-inspected farms in Ohio. It's an Amish family tradition for well over 40 years.

They make great gifts, perfect for food storage, or even regular/daily consumption. Stock up today!

Cured to our specifications, cooked and then hand-wrapped, rolled and packed in the U.S.A.

With a shelf-life in excess of 10 years, these meats make a perfect addition to your food storage program; also great for every day use.
Fully cooked, non-perishable and requires no refrigeration to store, and no heat to eat. Just open the can and eat – or heat and serve.

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