Radiological Pitcher Replacement Filter

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The Only Water Pitcher Filter Certified To Completely Eliminate 100% Of Radiological Contaminants.

Clearly Filtered is proud to offer the world’s first portable Radiological (RAD) Water Filter. This revolutionary RAD technology removes up to 100% of all known forms of radiological contamination.

Clearly Filtered took the technology from their advanced filter and combined it with this new RAD technology to create a filter that eliminates the threat of radiological contaminants from your drinking water. This means you get the regular filtration benefits of the regular Clearly Filtered filters PLUS the protection from radiological contaminants.

The RAD straw is an effective defense against all seven types of nuclear radiation:

Radon 222
Radium 226
Gross Beta
Cesium 137
Iodine 131

We hope you never have to use this bottle to its full potential. But if you are in that situation, we hope you’re well equipped. Also recommended if your water supply is exposed to a nuclear power plant or other commercial activities that could release radiological elements into the water supply.


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