Ready America 72-Hour Emergency Kit, 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack – 2 Person – (SHIPS IN 5-9 WEEKS)


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Size:2 Person Ready America Emergency Kit,

2 Person, 3 Day, Series: Grab ‘n Go, 30 Pieces, Includes: (2) Food Bars (2400 Calorie) (5-Year Shelf Life), (12) Water Pouches (4.225 oz) (5-Year Shelf Life), (2)
Survival Blankets, (1) First-Aid Kit (33 Piece), (2) Emergency Lightsticks (12-hr), (2) Disposable Dust Masks, (4) Nitrile Gloves, (1) Plastic Whistle , Red From the Manufacturer Each kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain two people for three days, as recommended by the American Red Cross. There’s food, water, and emergency blankets, plus a 33-piece First Aid kit, two 12-hour safety light sticks, dust masks, nitrile gloves, and an emergency whistle. Each kit also contains emergency ponchos and pocket tissues. The kit, in a handy backpack, can be stored at home, at school, or at the office.


  • EMERGENCY KIT FOR DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Stay prepared for emergency situations everywhere you go. Ready America emergency survival kits sustain 2 people for 3 days (72 hours). Basic essential emergency supplies recommended by the American Red Cross
  • INCLUDES 33-PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Comes with first aid essentials for minor injuries like bandages and wound cleaning solution. Take care of medical emergencies with easy-to-use supplies. Great for a car emergency kit or boat accessories
  • FOOD, WATER, EMERGENCY BLANKETS: Everything you need in case of an emergency. 2 survival food bars (2400 calories) and water pouches with a 5-year shelf life, survival blankets, disposable dust masks, nitrile gloves, whistle, ponchos, pocket tissues
  • TWO SAFETY LIGHT STICKS: In case youre outdoors or in the wilderness with no light, this emergency bag includes two safety light sticks. Equipped with survival gear for hunting, boating, workplace, camping, backpacking, fishing, hiking, travel, home
  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACK: Keep supplies at the ready with this packed handy backpack ready for emergencies thats lightweight and easy to carry. Store this day pack wherever it can be easily accessed. A great gift for everyone

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