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Renogy 10 Amp PWM Dual Battery Charge Controller

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The Renogy PWM10/20CC-DB features dual battery charging capability making it great for RVs, caravans, and boats. With its advanced PWM charging technology, your batteries will be protected from discharging and over-charging. The PWM10/20CC-DB has the following features:

  • 12V / 24V auto recognition
  • High efficient PWM charging, increase the battery lifetime and improve the solar system performance
  • Dual battery charging
  • Sealed, Gel and Flooded battery option

Technical Information for 12V Systems:

Nominal System Voltage: 12VDC/24VDC Auto Recognition
Rated Charge Current: 10Amp
Rated Discharge Current: 10Amp
Maximum Battery Voltage: 30V
Max.Solar input Voltage: 30V
Max. PV Input Power: 120W (12V), 240W(24V)
Operating Temperature: ?31°F to +131°F
Self Consumption: 4mA (idle), 10mA (charging) Battery Charging setting Gel Sealed Flooded Equalization Voltage 14.8V 14.4V 14.6V Boost Voltage 14.6V 14.2V 14.4V Float Voltage 13.7V 13.7V 13.7V Boost Duration 30 min. 30 min. 30 min.

Table Battery Parameters

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