Renogy 9” MC4 Adaptor Kit

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This cable is specifically designed for connecting charge controller to solar panel with high mechanical requirements. It works great under extreme weather conditions. The cable connectors are used to connect with the solar panel so the panel connectors will be saved for future expansion and are suitable for permanent installations.

Package Includes:
One 9 inch Adaptor Kit (2 9″ Cables with MC4 Branch Female and Male Connector)

Key Features:

  • Hard plastic connectors at each end
  • Female and male connectors
  • Black wire Sunlight resistant cable
  • Extends and locks built-in cables


  • AWG12
  • The length of each cable is 9 inches
  • Rating Voltage: 600/1000V
  • Temperature: -40 Celsius — +85 Celsius (-40 F — +185 F)
  • IP 65 Protection

Brand: Renogy



Additional information

Weight 16 lbs


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