SOS Hydration Electrolytes and Vitamins – Pack of 12 – (SHIPS IN 5-9 WEEKS)


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Color: Fruit Punch Sos hydration is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement hydration drink that is as effective as IV drip. Sos’ Unique, independently tested formula contains 6 key electrolytes and minerals (sodium, Potassium, Chloride, magnesium, zinc, and citrate) in amounts 3x greater than competing brands. Sos was developed by a leading GI doctor based on the who and unifef guidelines for oral rehydration therapy and allows the body to absorb 3x more water than water alone. Sos was created to provide an effective, great tasting, healthy, and low sugar hydration alternative to the ineffective, high sugar sports drinks on the market today. Sos contains premium Non-GMO ingredients with absolutely no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Use SOS to improve Sport performance and/or fight the negative effects of work, travel, illness, or partying.


  • 3X FASTER HYDRATION Our blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium, citrate, chloride, sugars, zinc, B12-, B6-, D- and C- vitamins rehydrate your body 3x faster than drinking water alone; It has 50% MORE electrolytes and 75% LESS sugar than the alternatives
  • AN EFFECTIVE DEHYDRATION SOLUTION Our replenishing, fruit punch-flavored formula meets the World Health Organizations (WHO) standards for Oral Rehydration Therapy Solutions; Its extremely effective at battling mild-to-moderate dehydration
  • INDEPENDENTLY TESTED & APPROVED Our low-sugar, immunity support, electrolyte-filled hypotonic drinks have been tested and approved as an effective dehydration deterrent by numerous universities, laboratories and the military
  • FASTEST ABSORPTION RATE ON THE MARKET Our isotonic drink helps you balance the water and sodium levels in your body quicker than competing sports drinks; Its osmolarity absorption rate is 157 mmol/L; When it comes to hydration, lower osmolarity is king
  • SOS HYDRATION PRODUCT USES Our low-sugar Keto certified formula is perfected for anyone and any occasion; For pre-/post-workouts, after a night out, a day at the beach, airport hopping, boardwalk shopping, body recovery, indoor cycling, and more

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SOS Hydration

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