UST (Ultimate Survival Technologies) JetScream Micro Whistle Orange Signal (2-Pack) – (SHIPS WITHIN 5-9 WEEKS)


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Almost everyone, from small children to seniors, can benefit from Jet-Scream
Micro’s Piercing 112 decibel (dB) Shriek. This whistle is one of the loudest
in the world. You can hear Jet-Scream’s amazing ear-piercing shriek above most
natural or man-made noises. You can use Jet-Scream Micro Floating Whistle in
the city or woods on the boat for communication and personal protection. You
don’t need a big bulky whistle to make a loud blast and this sleek little
device proves it! Keep your children safe by giving them a Jet-Scream Micro
Floating Whistle to take wherever they go, especially when unescorted by an
adult – Playing in the woods, in the street, in the pool, near the lake of
ocean or when they walk to school. You can protect yourself with a Jet-Scream
in the city against crime or to signal for help in the event of an emergency.
And of course, you should always carry it with you in the great outdoors –
whether you’re camping, hiking, or hunting you never know when you may need
some help. And due to its unique design, Jet-Scream even works when wet,
making it the perfect accompaniment to all outdoor activities near rivers,
lakes, or oceans whether you swim, kayak, canoe, Scuba dive, surf, or fish. It
can also be used as a belay signal device when rock climbing. The Jet-Scream
Micro Floating Whistle is an essential tool to help ensure that all your
recreational experiences are positive ones. The Jet-Scream Micro Floating
Whistle is uniquely designed to be sleek and streamlined and fit comfortably
in your pocket. In addition, it includes a short lanyard attachment allowing
you to hook it to your key chain, your purse, your backpack, your wrist, PFD,
BCD or anywhere that is easily accessible. You will want to have a few so you
can make sure you always have one with you; in your survival kit, with your
camping gear, in your tackle box, with the kids, on your keys, in the glove
box and on the boat.


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