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WaterBrick Standard Tan 100 Pack – Holds 26,400 Servings

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WaterBrick Stackable 100 Container Bundle Pack: a total of 350 Gallons of Liquids or up to 2,700 Pounds (26,400 Adult Servings) of Dry Foods. This bundle is equivalent to ten 35 gallon drums but far better; you can’t take 35 gallon drums with you if forced to leave your home in an emergency or if camping or boating with family or friends. Plus WaterBrick water containers can store in many more places; under beds, in closets or as end tables. WaterBricks work and act like bulk storage but carry like containers; like no other on the market.

Made of rugged, high density polyethylene (HDPE) with an easy grip comfort handle. These unique water containers, unlike any other, can also hold food and other life essentials and add value by cross stacking up to 4 feet for maximum efficient storage. Wide diameter lid opening with notched easy grip lid allows for an average adult to pull stored contents out of the container by hand. Stores water, food or anything you want to keep dry or store efficiently while eliminating most food odors.

Product Specifications (each Brick)

    Size: 9″ W x 18″ L x 6″ H (shaped like rectangular blocks)
    Product Weight when Empty: 2.52 pounds
    Stacking Strength: due to 2 interior conical reinforcement columns
    Interlocking Strength: they interlock using their male and female connectors (cross stack for safety)
    Wide Lid Opening is 3 1/4” in diameter – can fit average adult hand to reach inside
    Full rubber gasket creating a tight seal is included inside the lid
    Recommended Stacking Height: 4 feet
    Average wall thickness of container is approximately 3/32 of an inch (.090)
    Meets FDA standards and BPA free

Content Weights (each Brick)

    Water: 30 pounds
    Rice: 27 pounds (264 adult servings)
    Beans: 28 pounds
    Sugar: 26 pounds
    Pet Food: 18 pounds
    Sand: 48.5 pounds
    9mm rounds (5,000): 120 pounds
    .223 caliber rounds (2,100): 57 pounds

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Additional information

Weight252 lbs


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