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Men, in general, are always looking for ways to escape any sort of dangerous situation. With increasing concern about the global situation regarding earth quakes, tsunamis, floods, riots, economic collapse, tornadoes, etc. these type of men prep for everything so that when SHTF they know how to get out of the chaos alive. These intelligent kind of men and women are known as preppers or survivors. They plan out everything, from first aid kits to bug out bags to the perfect exit plan; they are set to go, although this sort of planning doesn’t take form without its own set of problems.

There are always minor setbacks, such as forgetting to keep a few necessary items in your bug out bag or miscalculating the rations of your food but the one aspect of prepping that simply cannot be overlooked is finding the perfect bug out location. If you don’t have a proper place to hide out when SHTF then you might as well give up your chance of fighting at the spot because a bug out place is where you’ll have to retrieve to when you have nowhere else to go. Let’s take a legitimate example: God forbid, your house gets damaged during an earthquake or it gets flooded with water during a tsunami then what? You will have to immediately evacuate the premises and go in search for a place to stay until things settle down or proper help can arrive. Sometimes it takes days even weeks before rescuers can reach you and assess the damage, this mostly happens in cases which involve the collapse of infrastructures that lead to road blockages etc and as a result it becomes a difficult challenge for paramedics, fire fighters and local policeman to reach the victims and help them.

On the other hand if you have a good bug out location to migrate to during such a trying time then you will ultimately have to deal with fewer problems. And you will be able to ensure the safety of your loved ones and friends. So here is what you need to keep in mind while picking out the perfect bug out location:

The distance


The location of your bug out place depends on the distance between that bug out place and the area where the disaster has occurred. You want to clear out as soon as possible especially in the case of an earthquake because earthquakes are usually followed by tsunamis. You will also want to make sure that the distance is not too far from where you are situated, primarily because of two reasons:

  • If the distance is too long then you will end up depleting all your supplies on the trip from the disaster to the bug out location, if those supplies run out, your energy to reach the bug out location will run out as well.
  • Depending on the type of disaster it is there might be roadblocks set up within hours.

So the closer your bug out location is the fewer problems you will have to run into.


If you are purchasing a piece of land to build your bug out location on or if you’re buying a bug out location then you need to make sure it’s near a natural source of water.  This is because you can’t possibly set up supplies that can go on for months if it comes to that. So when you do run out of supplies then at least you should access to a source of water that will not only instantly replenish your thirst but will also act as a source of food such as fish. Unless you have a massive water storage system planned out that replenishes itself, you are are going to want to bug out near a pond, lake, river or stream nearby. Plus situating your bug out location near a natural source of water would actually come off cheaper as compared to installing an entire water storage system.

Concealment and security


When choosing a bug out location you will want to keep it away from dense populations as much as possible so that you don’t run into problems such as robbers or  un friendly hitchhikers looking for a place to stay, these people might find your survival location if you’re not careful. So choosing a highly remote survival location might be a good way to ensure that you have a lot of security.  Building a bug out spot in mountainous terrains might be a good location, given that it’s not near mountain passes where people are more likely to stumble across. Remember if the bug out location is hard to find even for you then it’s a good sign! It means others will also find it equally, if not more, difficult to locate. Once you buy the land and set up your hide out make sure it blends with its surroundings so that others aren’t able to spot it from long distances.  When you need to light a fire in order to stay warm or cook food makes sure that fire is contained or light it during night so that the smoke is hidden. You should also purchase a few weapons or install some sort of security system to ensure the safety of your hide out. You want to be able to defend your property from groups of bandits who might decide to attack at odd hours of the night.

Self reliance opportunities

If you want your bug out location to be located in a region with reliable amounts of direct sunlight, solar power options should be analyzed.  You want some form of basic grid independent power generation that can make survival easy. You will also want to look for fertile soil so that you can easily grow crops. If there is no soil and it’s only rock then producing food is going to become a challenge. You will also want access to firewood for retaining warmth and cooking food purposes. You will also want to stay near potential wild game or fish, so again picking out a location near a water source is crucial.

Land property cost

Let’s be honest, you can’t really find a good bug out location for under $3000. You are a realist and you need to be open to the idea of spending a bit more then the above mentioned price if you want to survive. So you will have to balance out all the above qualities and determine accordingly which location fits your budget best.

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