Emergency Water Supply

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Natural Disaster Water Storage

You could store a bunch of buckets full of water in your food storage, which would eventually go stale. Even if the buckets were clean, we can guarantee you wouldn’t necessarily want to drink that water, which is essential to staying alive if you haven’t noticed. When you go camping, survival kits that you can fit in your backpack may include water bottles full of fresh water that hasn’t been sitting around. Just like regular food storage though, the best camping kits will also have water filters and other ways to ensure that you always have safe drinking water available to you.

Whether you are next to a lake or pond or you are collecting rain water, it isn’t always pure and can contain harmful bacteria. We do offer generators that can help you to boil water, killing bacteria.  If you want to use a stove and generator, we have a pot that is perfect for cleaning water or heating it to wash your hands, clean clothes, etc. However, we also make sure to offer easier and faster solutions that don’t require power of any kind.

We offer a simple water filter bottle that you can put even the worst water in.  As long as you keep the bottle closed, it will keep bacteria and other pathogens inside. If you already have safe water, we also offer a simple drinking cup that you can use at any time. In addition, you could use this cup to mix your water with one of our many delicious drink mixes such as our instant orange juice.

With our food fire filter bucket, you get tools to make sure that you have a reliable source of clean water, heat, and many other basic things you need in your survival kits during an emergency.  This bucket has a few things that you may just want.