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Power for Emergencies

Electricity is something that most go without in the case of a natural disaster or emergency-type situation. Proper generators and lighting can make a miserable situation more enjoyable.

Virtually every disaster you can imagine (and some every day incidents that the power company won’t explain) can cause power outages.  This affects your heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, cooking ability, and just about every part of your life. While the electric company usually fixes normal power outages within a few hours, a hurricane or other natural disaster can leave you without power for days at a time.

You never know how dependent you are on power until you don’t have it.
It’s easy to get an emergency power system though, and you have more emergency power for your survival kits than ever before. Emergency food supply doesn’t usually require refrigeration, but especially when it comes to the temperature of your house, power is part of full emergency prep. I can guarantee that even during cloudier days, a solar power system is a lot better than a fire, and a proper flashlight is going to be preferable to candles.

You can still buy generators that rely on propane and other gas sources. However, especially when things are falling around you, it’s smarter to use power sources that don’t explode or run out. Even during the winter months, you will always have access to sunshine to power your emergency generator eventually.

Some people think of power as a luxury item in your emergency preparation kits. However, we consider it essential. Generators and other power sources can provide light, heating, the ability to cook, and a clear way to sanitize your water and clear it of potentially harmful bacteria. All of these are things that you really can’t survive without, especially if you’re stuck for extended periods of time (more than a few hours). Without power, you will be stuck hoping your neighbors will share.  We don’t know about you, but that’s not a spot we would want to be in.