900 Food Bars

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High-Energy Biscuits by 900

900 Emergency bar survival ration high energy biscuits introduction 900 Emergency bar survival ration high energy biscuits We have 200g 6 pack standard tin, the total energy is 5700 calorie. We have 200g 20 pack super tin, the total energy is 19,000 calorie. It has a sturdy style tin package which can be reused in your life. It’s very suitable for go travelling and camping with friends and family. And it will be a very good emergency reserve when you are in trouble outside. A few decades ago, the compressed biscuits only used to supply for military. At that time, the compressed biscuits taste very hard, only for satisfy hunger. After process in production technology and ingredients improvement. Now it combines functionality and taste, becomes a kind of great sports snack.

KJ and calorie energy conversion: 1000KJ= 238.9Kcal /1988kJ=475Kcal 200G — 950Kcal /1200G – 5700Kcal /4000G – 19000Kcal

To provide you with Sufficient Energy in a Variety of Environments Camping tent & Fishing Accompany you to set up tents and go fishing in the wild. Outdoor hiking & Walking Accompany you on long journeys, through thousands of rivers and mountains. Long-distance transportation & Driver Accompany you to drive on long roads, crossing long distances to reach your destination.
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Production Workshop Site Our manufacturing workshop produces products according to strict requirements. Our biscuits own HALALHACCP and ISO certificate. The services deserve your trust.


  • Super fast energy supply! Contains 20 bags of 950 calorie pre-measured bars. Each bag has 4 bars, totaling 19000 calories in the tin box and can last for up to 15 days for 1 person.
  • Long Shelf Life! Vacuum packaging, no preservatives. Can be stored at normal tempreture in a cool and dry place for 60 months.
  • Nutritious & healthy! Great Original flavor enriched with vitamins and minerals. Does not contain cholesterol. Also great for athletes, dieters and vegetarians.
  • Easy to carry! It is your best choice for outdoor work activities. Even if you do not leave home, it can provide you with nutritional rations in emergency situations.
  • Multi-purpose packaging! Iron tin packaging provides a safe and hygienic storage environment for food. It can also be used as a home storage item, strong & durable.