Biltong for Food Storage

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Stryve Biltong Emergency Food For Food Storage

What Is Biltong?

Biltong is a process for preserving meat that originated centuries ago in South Africa. Stryve Biltong is 100% beef with no sugar, MSG, gluten, nitrates or preservatives. All natural. All flavorful. Always air dried to lock in flavor and nutrients. And – biltong has more protein in every bite than jerky.


High quality steaks are washed in tangy vinegar then seasoned with one of our signature dry rubs. Whichever flavor you favor, you and your taste buds can rest easy knowing there’s nothing artificial going on.


Here’s our not-so-secret-secret. We don’t blast our beef with heat. The tender slabs of steak are hung in a humidity-controlled room, where they’re air-dried to keep our beef snacks power-packed with nutrition.


Finally, the biltong slabs are sliced against the grain into ultra-thin, ultra-delicious pieces. All that’s left to do is enjoy.

The Meat

Stryve uses 100% premium grade beef sourced from local ranchers right here in the United States. Our beef is sourced, purchased, seasoned, dried and packaged in the U.S.A.

Biltong Isn’t Jerky It’s Better!

Biltong is better than jerky, it’s what jerky wants to be! Biltong is NEVER injected with sugar-laden marinades or nasty preservatives, and it’s NEVER dehydrated over high heat. Instead it’s air dried, resulting in a tender, flavorful beef snack with a texture similar to prosciutto.

Why We’re Better Then Jerky!

Each bag of biltong has 50% more protein than jerky, 0g sugar, and nothing artificial. There are no nitrates, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no MSG, and it’s totally gluten free.

Why There’s So Much More Protein In Biltong Than Jerky

Since biltong is made without being pumped full of artificially flavored syrups, there is actually more meat per ounce of biltong than per ounce of jerky. In fact, biltong has almost 50% less water than jerky. Bottom-line, you get more meat and less filler!