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Unveiling a New Era of Water Generation

The T50 Atmospheric Water Generator is not merely a machine; it’s a testament to human ingenuity and resilience. Its ability to extract water from thin air stands as a symbol of our commitment to a more sustainable future. Whether it’s addressing water scarcity, preparing for emergencies, or transforming the landscape of agriculture and disaster relief, the T50 AWG emerges as the catalyst for change.

In a world where water is life, the T50 AWG breathes life into every drop. Embrace innovation, embrace sustainability, and embrace the limitless possibilities of the T50 AWG. Secure your access to pure hydration today and shape a better tomorrow.

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Imagine Generating 15+ Gallons Clean Drinking Water Daily Even Off-Grid

A great alternative to drilling a well!

In a world where access to clean and reliable water sources is increasingly vital, the T50 Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) emerges as the game-changing solution you’ve been waiting for. This innovative machine redefines the way we quench our thirst by tapping into the very air we breathe. At any given time, the Earth’s atmosphere holds an astonishing 37,500,000,000,000,000 (37.5 QUADRILLION) gallons of water in its unseen vapor form! Looking to run it off-grid? It's possible with a solar panel system! Let’s delve into the astounding capabilities and applications of the T50 Atmospheric Water Generator.

The T50: An Award-Winning Technological Marvel

The T50 water generator harnesses the latent moisture present in the atmosphere, transforming it into pure, potable drinking water through a meticulous process. The air, laden with humidity, undergoes a journey through cutting-edge carbon filters and UV filters. These advanced filters work in synergy to eliminate impurities, particles, and contaminants, leaving you with nothing but the essence of hydration.

Imagine having access to an abundance of drinking water, day in and day out. The T50 AWG delivers on this promise with astonishing efficiency. In fact, its water production is so remarkable that you’ll need to prepare an external holding tank to accommodate the surplus. A testament to its extraordinary output, this machine is prepared to transform your water consumption habits.



A diagram of an emergency food storage water treatment system.


Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) draw moisture from the air’s humidity. The Tsunami® unit employs fans to intake moist surrounding air. A sophisticated multi-layer air filter eliminates dust, pollen, and various airborne particles.


Subsequently, the air is pulled through a sequence of condensing coils, causing water vapor to cool and reach the dew point, leading to the transformation of vapor into droplets. Moreover, all Tsunami® units integrate Tsunami Core Technology™ — an exclusive patented extraction chamber equipped with various attributes that stimulate water condensation, culminating in amplified output. The gathered water is then extracted and channeled into a storage tank. The incorporation of Tsunami Core Technology™ and other exclusive advancements substantially elevate the water extraction process, enabling Tsunami® units to achieve exceptional energy efficiency.


The amassed water undergoes purification via a multi-stage filtration system, effectively eliminating any potential impurities and pathogens. At this stage, the water becomes entirely pure and safe for consumption. What’s even better: unlike tap water, it remains free from chemicals.

What to do with excess water generated? Most people store it in an external holding tank or cistern to save for when needed.


While the T50 AWG boasts an exceptional water generation capacity, it’s essential to note that it thrives under specific environmental conditions. Operating at its peak performance in areas with an ideal temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity at 6000 ft elevation or less, this machine is projected to produce an impressive 15 gallons or more per day. These conditions create the perfect breeding ground for the T50 AWG’s miraculous water creation.

What parts of the United States match these conditions? The south-easter part of the US, Southern California and any other place that’s humid enough. Note, that it will not work in freezing conditions.

T50: Empowering Resilience in Varied Scenarios

Natural Disasters

When disaster strikes, access to clean water is often compromised. The T50 Atmospheric Water Generator becomes a lifeline, offering safe drinking water in the face of adversity.


Remote Locations

Far-flung areas without easy access to conventional water sources can now benefit from a self-sustaining water solution.


No Ground Water

In regions where traditional groundwater sources are scarce or polluted, the T50 AWG steps in as a reliable alternative.


Contaminated Water

Battling water contamination becomes a thing of the past, as the T50 AWG ensures purity with every drop.


Commercial, Agriculture & Military

Agriculture and military operations requiring substantial water volumes find a dependable partner in the T50 AWG.


Humanitarian Projects

Empower humanitarian initiatives with a continuous and easily deployable water supply.


Hospitals, Schools & Offices

Vital institutions can enhance their emergency preparedness by integrating the T50 AWG into their infrastructure.


Crisis Relief Centers

During crises, quick and safe water provisioning is crucial. The T50 AWG answers this need seamlessly.


Fire Stations

Firefighters and first responders can rely on a consistent water source to stay hydrated during critical missions.



Water Production Potential

15 US gallons/day at 80°F @ 80% RH (relative humidity)

Internal Water Storage

4.5 US Gallons

Energy Cost

$0.16/gallon (assuming$0.10/kW Power cost, your electricity costs may vary)

Air Filtration

High efficiency, multi-layer poly fiber – washable & reusable

Water Filtration

Carbon fiber & ultra-violet light


20.25″ W x 30.25″ L x 26.75″ H

Power Draw

0.8 to 1.0 kW/ Hr, 10 amps (25 amp breaker)



Power Requirements

110 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase


125 lbs.



1 Year Full Warranty

Full "Bumper to Bumper"

2 Year Limited Warranty

Pump, Fan, and Compressor


All Sales Final

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns based on water output or any other reason. If you received damaged parts we can repair or replace.

States Expected to Perform Very Well

10-12 months of the year great water production: Florida, Louisiana, the southern portion of the following states: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and the eastern half of Texas. (Reference the map shown in the product images for a visual representation.)

States Expected to Perform Well

6-8 months of the year great water production: Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, the northern half of the following states: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and the lower 1/3 of California. (Reference the map shown in the product images for a visual representation.)

States Expected to Perform Moderately Well

4-6 months of the year great water production: West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Illinios, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and the western half of Texas. (Reference the map shown in the product images for a visual representation.)

States Expected to Not Perform Well

Minimal amount of water produced during the warmer months: the remaining states not already listed. (Reference the map shown in the product images for a visual representation.)


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