Drinks for Emergency Food Storage

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Drinks and Emergency Beverages

Water isn’t always enough. There are those lucky few who are fine drinking water all day every day, and we commend them. For the rest of us though, while we do want to stay hydrated, we also want a little flavor. The right flavor makes it easier to get the hydration you need to stay alive, alert, and healthy in any situation.

One you have purified your water, you can add any of our dehydrated powders and drink away. For milk lovers, we offer full buckets of both regular whey milk and chocolate milk. The pickiest of milk drinkers can also drink our 100% Real Milk formula. There is no chalky aftertaste, and there are definitely no unappetizing clumps.

For those of the fruity persuasion, we have Refreshing grape and orange flavors. There is no better way to pick yourself up and make sure that any kids or adults who simply don’t find water appealing avoid getting dehydrated. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about a ton of extra sugar and unnecessary additives like the ones you might find in many soft drinks or even juices these days.

One of the most dangerous (and easily avoidable) risks you can take during a natural disaster is to get dehydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink enough liquids when you’re stressed, and when you have to take the extra step of purifying your water, it can be frustrating. This is part of why many survival kits come with water or water pouches that you can refill. If you want to throw in your own extra water pouches, refilling them as the water gets stale, it may be just the thing.

Regardless of how much water you do or don’t store though, drink mixes like the 100% Real Milk and Refreshing Orange flavors make it more appealing to remember.