Whole Food Emergency Food Storage

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Whole Food Food Storage

Wanting to add whole food food storage to your pantry? At PrepSOS.com you will find more whole food meal options and combinations than you would have ever thought possible. Our survival meal kits will please your taste buds and keep you and your kids coming back for more.
While whole food food storage may sound a bit redundant you will fell great knowing that your shelves are packed with emergency preparation items that will last at least twenty years within the proper temperatures. Our whole food emergency food supply buckets include meal kits, single vegetable items, vegetable variety pails, single fruit kits, fruit variety kits, soups, rice, beans, oatmeal, drinks, milks, dinner kits, lunch kits, breakfast kits, and many more.

Whole foods are not processed or refined (or refined as minimally as possible) and because of this are far more nutrient dense than foods and supplements that are not whole. Every step of the processing of foods decreases the quality and abundance of healthy nutrients. Whole foods help to deliver these nutrients to the body more effectively and are more easily absorbed. They typically do not have additional ingredients such as salt, added carbs, or fat.

Our whole food survival kits and food supplies are processed as little as possible and are dried using low-heat methods and their nutrient quality and density are regular tested during their dehydration and packing steps. Whole foods are not to be confused with organic. Just because a food is organic doesn’t automatically mean that it is whole and vice versa. The U.S. Food & Drug Association (also know as the FDA) give the definition of whole grains ones that still contain its original bran, endosperm, and same germ as its original state.

You will love our whole food selection so much that you will want to rotate through it regularly and can stock up for an emergency, natural disaster, unexpected job less, civil unrest or any other hardship in which the shelves at the local stores will be quickly made empty by frantic “non-preppers.”