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Four bowls of different types of tea on a table, providing a complete guide to store tea the right way.

How To Store Tea The Right Way: A Complete Guide For Tea Connoisseurs

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If you're true tea connoisseur, your love for tea goes beyond simply enjoying a hot cup. You appreciate the nuances of different flavors, the delicate aromas, and the soothing experience…
A skillet with meat and vegetables for emergency food storage.

Emergency Food Storage for Diabetics

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In the rapidly changing world we live in, preparing for unexpected situations isn't a luxury, but a necessity. For individuals managing diabetes, maintaining stable blood sugar levels is of utmost…
Jars of jam, ideal for emergency food storage, are lined up on a shelf.

How to Preserve Food Naturally Without Chemicals

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In times of unpredictability and emergencies, ensuring a stable and sustainable food supply becomes paramount. Fortunately, there exist natural food preservation methods that can achieve this without resorting to chemicals…
Ground beef is a versatile ingredient that can be used for emergency food storage.

Is Freeze-Dried Meat Safe? Everything You Need to Know

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If you are an outdoor enthusiast, hiker, or prepper, you may have heard of freeze-dried meat as a convenient and long-lasting food option. However, you may also have concerns about…
A red berry, suitable for emergency food storage, is growing on a branch in a field.

Gathering Survival Food From the Land

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Even though many people in America are living snugly inside their suburban home, when disaster strikes, there will be a lack of many things. This includes food shortages, where normal…
A group of rusty pipes adapted for emergency food storage, sitting on top of each other.

Shocking EPA Findings: 9 Million Contaminated US Lead Water Pipes

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The Environmental Protection Agency released a jolting report on April 4th, 2023, revealing the results of the 7th Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment (DWINSA) conducted in 2021. The…
Does freeze-dried fruit expire on a shelf?

Does Freeze-Dried Fruit Expire?

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Freeze drying is a preservation method that removes water from food, allowing it to be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration. One of the most popular foods to…
A boy and girl enjoy freeze-dried school lunch ideas at a table.

Freeze-Dried School Lunch Ideas

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Freeze-drying is a preservation method that has been used for decades in various industries, including food production. It's a process that removes moisture from food, making it lightweight, compact, and…
A red container with a red lid, certified organic food storage.

USDA Certified Organic Food Storage: The Ultimate Guide

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When it comes to food storage, choosing products that are USDA certified organic is a smart choice. Not only do these products meet strict standards for organic production, but they…
A wind turbine harnesses sustainable energy on a grassy hill at sunset, emphasizing its importance in the modern world.

The Importance of Sustainable Energy in the Modern World

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The modern world is heavily dependent on energy to power homes, businesses, and industries. However, the traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce and have…
A bowl of scrambled eggs with bacon and toast, now with reconstituted powdered eggs.

How to Reconstitute Powdered Eggs

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Reconstituting powdered eggs involves adding water to the powder to create a liquid egg mixture that can be used in cooking or baking. The process is simple and can be…
Sliced bacon highlighting the importance of high-quality meats in survival preparedness.

The Importance of High-Quality Meats in Survival Preparedness

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When it comes to survival preparedness, one of the most important things to consider is the quality and variety of food that you have on hand. While many people focus…
A comprehensive guide on survival food storage featuring a bowl of fried rice and a bag of matches on a table.

Survival Food Storage: A Comprehensive Guide

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Survival food storage is an essential component of any emergency preparedness plan. Whether you're facing a natural disaster, power outage, or other emergency situation, having a reliable source of food…
Emergency food storage: A white plate with tuna and rice, providing essential protein.

Emergency Food Storage Protein: Don’t be Caught Without It

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Emergency food storage protein is an essential component of any emergency preparedness plan. Whether you're facing a natural disaster, power outage, or other emergency situation, having a reliable source of…
A pile of dried bananas, cranberries and raisins, highlighting the history of dehydrated foods and current day solutions.

The History of Dehydrated Foods & Current Day Solutions

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The practice of dehydrating food as a method of preservation dates back to ancient civilizations. In the hot, arid climate of the Middle East, for example, people discovered that by…
A group of cans on a table, part of building a 1-year food and water storage for your family.

Building a 1-Year Food and Water Storage for Your Family: Some Considerations

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A one year food supply is a set of non-perishable, shelf-stable foods that can sustain an individual or family for one year in the event of an emergency. It is…
A kitchen with a refrigerator and jars on the counter showcases the advancements in freezing technology.

The History of Freeze Dryers

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Freeze dryers, also known as lyophilizers, are specialized pieces of equipment that are used to preserve a wide range of materials, including food, pharmaceuticals, and biological samples. Freeze drying involves…
A box filled with various cans and bottles, emphasizing the history of emergency food storage.

The History of Emergency Food Storage

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Emergency food storage refers to the practice of stockpiling food and other supplies in preparation for emergencies, such as natural disasters, health pandemics, and wars. The history of emergency food…
A puddle reflecting a basketball hoop.

The History of Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency preparedness refers to the measures taken by individuals, organizations, and governments to prepare for and respond to emergencies, such as natural disasters, health pandemics, and terrorist attacks. The history…
A bowl of oats and a cup of coffee, perfect for emergency kits.

The Best Foods for Emergency Kits

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Tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, among other disasters, have left people stranded for days. They disconnect electricity, water, and the infrastructure to replenish your supplies. On the other hand, you…
An empty shelf in a grocery store during food shortages.

Were the Current Food Shortages & Inflation Really Done by Design?

| Food, Survival, Water | 4 Comments
(Above photo taken 3/10/2022)   Many people believe that the way that COVID-19 was handled, pumping money into the economy, record-low interest rates, rising gas prices coupled with ramping up…
A woman is practicing sanitation by washing her arm with soap.

Sanitation During Emergencies

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Both natural and manmade disasters can cause illness and death through inadequate sanitation, poor hygiene and contaminated water. We must plan on how to best prepare ourselves for staying sanitized.…
Join us as we celebrate Earth Day by participating in a joyous tree-planting event.

Happy Earth Day – Participate With Us!

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PREP SOS HAS COMMITTED TO PLANT OVER 300 TREES THIS SPRING   We're helping reforest an area that was disturbed by road construction and left mostly barren over 15 years ago.…
A first extreme outdoor activity guide featuring a campfire and mountains.

A Comprehensive Survival Guide To Your First Extreme Outdoor Activity

| Bugging Out, Food, Survival, Tools, Water | No Comments
Exploring the great outdoors is one of the best things to include on your bucket list. It’s not just fun, but it can also be a thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience…
An empty shelf in a grocery store during food shortages.

Alternatives to Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage

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In today's uncertain world, being prepared for emergencies has become a top priority for many individuals and families. One crucial aspect of emergency preparedness is having a reliable and long-lasting…
A volcano is lit up at night with a red glow.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover All Types of Disasters?

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Homeowner’s insurance ensures that you’ll be prepared when the unexpected happens. But picking the right insurance options isn’t as easy as just calling and signing up for one policy to…
A knife is sitting on top of a bag.

Should You Have Weapons in Your Bug-out Bag?

| Bugging Out, Survival, Tools | No Comments
Should You Have Weapons in Your Bug-out Bag? Life is full of mysteries, and anything wrong can happen at any time. Whether it is a fire, earthquake, flooding, hurricane, or…
A stack of beef patties on a counter top.

The Best Survival Food Bars Recipe You can Make at Home

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These would be an ideal snack to bring on a camping trip or anywhere you want to bug out. These are crowd-pleasers for both children and adults alike. Unlike most…
A group of hikers hiking up a mountain.

A Vegetarian’s Guide of What Food to Bring Backpacking

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When backpacking as a vegetarian, it can sometimes be hard to find food to pack that is both light and full of calories. Many websites suggest bulking up on meats…
Granola bars on a cutting board with a knife.

How Long Will Camping Food Last?

| Food, Survival | No Comments
The last thing you want while camping is for your food to go bad. The good news is that you have several choices for camping food that will last the…
Two men sitting in the woods with backpacks.

A Guide to Packing and Planning Your Backpacking Meals

| Bugging Out, Food | No Comments
When planning your meals and snacks for your backpacking trip it can be a challenge to make sure you’re bringing as many calories as you need to stay nourished, while…
A group of people camping in a tent.

How to Keep Camping Food Cold

| Food, Survival | No Comments
One of the biggest concerns when camping is how to keep your food cold for the duration of your trip. I know this is something that I have dealt with…
Backpacking food for dogs

Backpacking Food for Your Dog: What to Pack and How to Pack It

| Food, Survival | No Comments
Backpacking and hiking are incredible activities to do with your dog. It allows you to spend time together, get out into nature, and get great exercise. But with this, some…
hiking food

This is How Long Backpacking Food Lasts

| Bugging Out, Food | No Comments
Few things are more freeing than loading your backpack and heading out onto the trails for some time out in nature. Both nature and exercise have a positive impact on…
emergency fishing kit

The What and How of a Good Bug Out Fishing Kit

| Bugging Out, Food, Survival, Tools | No Comments
In a survival scenario, it’s crucial to make sure you and your family have enough nutrients and sources of food to last the length of the situation. When prepping it…
home freeze dryer

Home Dehydrator Vs. Home Freeze Dryer: Which is best for you?

| Food | No Comments
When it comes to preserving food, there are many methods to get the job done. There’s canning, drying, cooking, and more. Today we’re going to take a deep dive into…
bugging out on a yacht

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Bugging-Out on a Yacht

| Bugging Out | No Comments
When looking for the perfect location to bug-out, it’s worthwhile to take a look at options on the water. Yachts are great for bugging out on the water because they…
cheap food storage

Cheap Food Storage – The What and How of Food Prepping on a Budget

| Food | No Comments
Food storage can seem pretty daunting at times. Especially looking at some of the prices for food storage options. I’ve been off on my own at college for a couple…
Fun Freeze-Dried Foods

Fun Home Freeze Dryer Recipes for the Whole Family

| Bugging Out, Food, Survival | No Comments
Freeze Dryers are one of the best ways to keep a variety of food for your food storage. Using freeze dryers takes the moisture out of food so that it…
earthquake safety for schools

School Earthquake Emergency Checklist: 6 Things to Remember

| Survival | No Comments
Natural disasters like earthquakes can happen at any time. However, thanks to modern technology, people can now predict with improved accuracy when this kind of calamity will strike. This knowledge,…
canning for survival

What You Need to Know About Canning for Your Survival

| Food, Survival | No Comments
During times like these where the canned food shelves at the local grocery store are nearly empty and the end of the world seems nearer than usual, I’m sure you’ve…
natural disasters can happen

How do I Prepare for Natural Disasters in My Environment?

| Survival | No Comments
With all the disasters and wars happening recently, preparing becomes this massive and overwhelming task no one wants to even glance twice at. Not to mention, every country is different…
control poop in a crisis

Waste Management During a Crisis

| Survival | No Comments
It's a little known fact that humans create a lot of waste through garbage and human excretion.  Yes, most of us don't really like to talk about it much, but…
converting houseboat to bug out boat

Converting your Houseboat to the Ultimate Prepper Houseboat

| Bugging Out | No Comments
Each prepper has their own unique plan for when SHTF (stuff hits the fan). Not often do those plans contain a boat though. A boat can be a beneficial addition…
creative storage

8 creative ways to store food storage

| Food | No Comments
Got food storage? If so, where do you put it all? It's not like it'll all fit in the pantry with the regular food! Calm yourself, I've got some ideas…
bugout truck

Essential Prepper Truck Tips and Bug-Out Supplies

| Bugging Out | No Comments
Preppers often stockpile their homes so that they would be able to survive there without problem for months on end, but what if something happens to their home? Their community?…
healthy dinner with kids

Preparing your Family to Eat Healthy

| Food | No Comments
“You are what you eat” is a statement one has grown up hearing but as soon as the yummy burgers and mouthwatering pizzas comes forward, this statement is eradicated from…
An aerial view of a residential neighborhood.

The Suburban Prepping Guide: How To’s and What If’s

| Bugging Out, Food, Survival, Water | No Comments
What Is a Suburban Prepper? Traditionally, preppers would pick up their things and move out into a less crowded part of town. Somewhere where they could own land, farm, and…
hoarding vs prepping

What’s the Difference Between Hoarding and Prepping? Value vs. Purpose

| Food, Survival | No Comments
Many people don’t quite know the difference between preppers and hoarders, although the difference is substantial. Here in this article, we’ll go through how to tell apart the two in…

A Nurses’ Guide to Staying Fit to Survive the Worst

| Survival | No Comments
A healthy body and mind can help you get through any bad situation. So nurses, when you prepare for the worst, you need to be at your physical and mental best. Most…
large family emergency prep

8 Essential Emergency Preparedness Items for Larger Families

| Survival | No Comments
Providing emergency items for a large number of people can be stressful, especially when that large number is a family of five or even ten. However, when you focus on…
healthy lifestyle

Food, Nutrition & Health – The Connection Revealed

| Food | No Comments
“Food, glorious food! Hot mustard and sausage!” Therefore the urchins sang in the musical “Oliver!” Food takes on a significant role inside our lives certainly. It could do a lot…
windmill generator

Fuelless Generators – Save On Your Energy Bills Tomorrow!

| Survival | No Comments
Imagine a life where you didn’t have energy expenditures. You’ve got an unbiased driven home and all you have to do is some typically common maintenance on your no cost…
what to know about food storage

What to Know When Setting Up Food Storage

| Food | No Comments
Whenever I start looking into building up my food storage, one thing always stops me in my tracks. That is, where on earth am I going to find the storage…
freeze dried ice cream

Organic Freeze Dried Foods – The Best Choice

| Food | No Comments
Organic foods have grown to be very popular lately. Health concerns bordering foods stated in traditional ways prompted this attractiveness. Organic and natural foods are foods which may have been…
honey can last forever

Information About Nutrition In An Emergency Situation

| Food | No Comments
In our everyday lives we give much thought to preparing healthy, nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. The planning of nutritious but delicious meals is in the aim of…
chicken stew recipe from food storage

19 Food Storage Recipes for the LDS Family

| Food | No Comments
Have you ever looked through your food storage, full of cans and jars, and wondered how you could possibly turn those cans and jars into a sustainable meal for your…
Four black canisters with food in them.

Making a Wise Choice in Long Term Survival Food

| Food | No Comments
Emergency or survival kits should obviously include food. Not just any other food, but foods which are typically ready-to-eat and practical for on-the-go situations. One of the most well-known companies…
A man in a diving suit.

Survival Guide for Divers: How you must be prepared Before Diving

| Survival | No Comments
Equipment adaptations for deeper diving: The gear used for profound diving will depend on both depth and the sort of diving. Scuba is bound to equipment that might be transported…
tactical watch

7 Best Tactical Watches That Won’t Betray You

| Tools | No Comments
Fancy watches come in all shapes and sizes and though they look really cool on your wrist, they can never be your adventure buddies. If you want a watch that…
A person holding a shovel full of dirt in a garden.

Ten Interesting Gardening Hacks

| Survival | No Comments
Gardening is one of the most productive hobbies there are. If you are into gardening then not only you are contributing to the Mother Nature but also diverting your mind…
water purifier

Water Filtration Techniques

| Water | No Comments
Water is the basic necessity of the human body, without water no human being can survive. It is true that the human body functions on three basic elements in which…
Nuts in a bowl on a wooden table.

What You Need to Know About Nutrition in an Emergency Situation

| Food | No Comments
In our everyday lives we give much thought to preparing healthy, nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. The planning of nutritious but delicious meals is in the aim of…
A box with the words first aid case on it.

What to Keep in your Home First Aid Kit

| Survival | No Comments
With increasing uncertainty when it comes to your health or your family’s health you should always be prepared for any situation in life. People who prepare in advance always have…
An aerial view of a city at night.

Prepping for Financial Collapse

| Survival | No Comments
For anyone who follows the news it is abundantly clear to see that the possibility of a financial collapse is not only believable but imminently possible. Because the major economies…
A man and woman talking in the street.

Convincing Your Spouse to Prep

| Survival | No Comments
Nothing is harder to prepare for than a situation no one wants to talk about. This is the case with being prepared for TEOTAWKI/SHTF situations. No one talks about them,…
teaching kids about prepping

How To Talk To Your Kids About Preparing

| Survival | No Comments
Any parent’s worst fear is to see their child in a situation of danger. The best way to prepare your children for such situations and to ensure their safety is…
A cabin sitting in the middle of the woods.

Smart Ways To Find A Bug Out Location That Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

| Bugging Out | No Comments
Men, in general, are always looking for ways to escape any sort of dangerous situation. With increasing concern about the global situation regarding earth quakes, tsunamis, floods, riots, economic collapse,…
items to stockpile

Items to Stockpile for When Disaster Strikes

| Survival, Tools | No Comments
  We are constantly threatened by a series of potential disasters; hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters and we are never sure when one of these might strike,…
Two axes and a knife on top of a tree stump.

Some Very Important Tools For Survival

| Tools | No Comments
Survival has always been a necessity of human life. It is the fear of extinction and the drive for survival that keeps us going. We never know what life has…
A small trailer with solar panels and a chair.

Fuel-less Generators

| Tools | No Comments
Many people throughout the world have to deal with catastrophes.   Whether it is natural or man-created, both end in sudden calamities. Most calamities end in misfortune and sorrow. Natural disasters…
food storage kits

Food Kits: A Necessity

| Food | No Comments
Don’t want to get stuck in a hurricane without any adequate preparation? Then you need to make sure you have the following things: Proper Food kit Rechargeable Flash light Travel…
A black armored vehicle is parked in a warehouse.

How A Bug Out Vehicle Can Help Save Your Life When SHTF

| Bugging Out | No Comments
Are you a survivalist?  Always prepared for when Stuff Hits The Fan? If yes, then you have probably familiarized yourself with bug out camps, survival kits, proper attire to go…
tsunami waves

Surviving Natural Disasters

| Survival | No Comments
In order to survive any situation the most important thing is your attitude. Your attitude determines whether you are fit to handle a certain situation or not. Panicking quickly or…
off grid cabins

Off Grid Contracting & Development

| Bugging Out, Survival | No Comments
Whether you want a bug out shelter just in case or to completely live away from it all becoming self-reliant and self-sustaining is a goal for many people. Looking to…
A black backpack sits on a wooden bench in the woods.

Everything you Need to Know about 72-Hour Kits

| Food, Survival | No Comments
Natural disasters, emergencies, riots, wars, and many other things can wreak havoc on even the most civilized area. Relief usually comes but sometimes the first day or two is everyone…
guest posting opportunity

Survival Food Storage & Emergency Preparation Guest Blogging Opportunity

| Uncategorized | No Comments
Looking for a great place to get a link to your site or blog in exchange for a quality guest blog piece? Look no further. We'll post it for you…
A wooden shelf with a lot of jars on it.

Basement Food Storage

| Food | No Comments
Many people buy food and water storage and for good reason. Natural disaster, emergencies, civil unrest, and unexpected unemployment paired with lack of supplies and resources can wreak havoc on…
A wooden shelf in a room.

Bug Out Food Storage

| Bugging Out, Food | No Comments
Bugging out doesn't have to be a disaster but it very well could be if you don't have the right food and supplies. It is insufficient to only have food…
survival tips

Emergency Survival Tips

| Survival | No Comments
Survival is key, and sometimes, it’s the only thing on your mind. Some people think that all they need is food. As long as they have food and water, they…
Glass mason jars on a shelf.

Variety is Key in Your Food Storage

| Food | No Comments
For the inexperienced prepper, food storage can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to gathering their emergency food supply. Many think of food storage as something you only…
bug out cabin

Bug Out Shelters

| Bugging Out | One Comment
In the event of a major natural or manmade disaster, do you have a plan? Having a place to go to protect you and your family from the dangers that…
beans for storage

Food Storage Essentials

| Food | One Comment
Click here for Food Storage Prices Having the necessary and accessible food storage essentials is a must should any natural catastrophe, civil unrest or even a loss of job befall…
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