Meats for Food Storage

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Emergency Protein Supply

Food storage doesn’t exactly make you think of meat, especially with long term food storage.  You may imagine grains, rice, and other carbs that keep for longer periods of time. Meat can technically be frozen, but it still requires more cooking to be edible, and once it is defrosted, there is no guarantee it will be good, let alone last. That doesn’t mean that you have to skip out though. We wouldn’t recommend stocking a freezer full of beef, chicken, or venison.

You can obviously get dehydrated meats, premade jerky, and other meats. However, with our international food kit, you get the option of foods like teriyaki chicken prepared and ready to go. This is not a low carb diet or a caveman diet friendly option by any means. All of our food storage is meant to be more balanced for the average family.

Food preparation is not always as appealing when you really need food storage, and meat is one of the few foods that has to be cooked at some point. Unless dehydrated, it’s hard to find meat that can be kept for long periods of time or in preparation for an emergency. That is why we specifically looked for ways to do just that.

We are confident that you will benefit from our large selection of meats for your food storage. We are as gourmet as food storage gets for a reasonable price with as many options as we can possibly offer, and we are always looking for ways to improve.  We included meat in our food storage options for your benefit, and we will continue to expand our recipes. We hope you will keep coming back for the meat and other emergency prep items we offer now and those that we hope to offer in the future.