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Shuttle your taste buds to new galaxies of yumminess! Our out of this world ice cream is available in Neapolitan and Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiches, with more exciting flavors to come. Be sure to also try our naturally sweet freeze-dried fruits: Strawberries, Bananas, Peaches, Red Seedless Grapes and Cinnamon Apples. No refrigeration needed, and a three-year shelf life, means these snacks go where no snack has gone before!


Astronaut Foods is the original source for freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. Our unique snacks have been number one on the planet since 1974.

Freeze-dried foods have been aboard NASA missions since the early Mercury Missions. Since then, space food has gone global! You can find our retro treats in museums, toy shops, amusement parks, and outdoor stores all across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Today, Astronaut Foods are a nostalgia-packed snack that anyone can enjoy, whether you’re out exploring the galaxy, or hanging back here on Earth.


So, what exactly is astronaut food? It’s simple: freeze-dried ice cream is real ice cream!

We use the process of lyophilization, commonly known as freeze-drying, to turn the ice cream you know and love into something truly special. Lyophilization removes 98% of the original water content, and the result is a crunchy, creamy sweetness that melts in your mouth.

We use the same process to freeze dry fruits, which brings out the sweetness and adds an unexpected crunch to nature’s candy. Best of all, the freeze-drying process allows fruit to retain all of its nutrition!

Since the very beginning, all of our products have been proudly made in the USA. You can find our home base in sunny, beautiful Boulder, CO.


Our foods are fun and our mission is serious: we’re dedicated to supporting people and organizations whose goal is to push the boundaries of space exploration and discovery.

We’re honored to see educators use our fun freeze-dried foods to engage students. And we’re proud to donate a portion of our sales to organizations that foster understanding, innovation, and education in the fields of science, technology, and space exploration. Our snacks give students a taste of real astronaut food and spark their curiosity in planetary science. It’s our profound responsibility to nurture that curiosity further!

We’re thrilled for the next frontier of space travel, especially the Mars missions on the horizon. Remember, astronaut ice cream requires no refrigeration, so we hope you’ll keep us in mind for your future colony on the red planet.

Freeze-Dried Astronaut Foods

Freeze-dried astronaut food has been a staple of space travel since the earliest days of space exploration. This type of food offers a number of advantages over traditional fresh or canned food, making it an ideal choice for astronauts on long missions. Here are five key benefits of freeze-dried astronaut food.

  1. Lightweight and compact: Freeze-drying removes the moisture from food, reducing its weight and volume by up to 90%. This makes it much easier to transport large quantities of food on space missions, where every ounce counts.
  2. Long shelf life: Freeze-dried food can be stored for several years without spoilage, making it an ideal choice for missions that last many months or even years. This also means that astronauts can take along a variety of different food options, which helps to maintain their nutritional balance.
  3. Easy to prepare: Freeze-dried food is quick and easy to prepare, making it an ideal choice for astronauts who are working long hours and need to eat on the go. Simply add water to the food, and it will reconstitute itself in a matter of minutes.
  4. Nutritious: Freeze-drying preserves the nutrients in food, so astronauts can be sure they are getting a balanced and nutritious diet while in space. In fact, NASA has worked with food scientists and nutritionists to develop a menu that meets the specific nutritional needs of astronauts.
  5. Tasty: Freeze-dried food has come a long way in terms of taste and variety, with many options available that are both delicious and nutritious. From freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to entrees like chicken alfredo and beef stew, astronauts now have a wide variety of food options to choose from.

To wrap it up freeze-dried astronaut food is an essential part of space travel. Its lightweight and compact design, long shelf life, ease of preparation, nutritious value, and great taste make it the ideal choice for astronauts on long missions. So, next time you see an astronaut biting into a freeze-dried meal, you’ll know they’re not only surviving, but also thriving in space!