Brod & Taylor Food Dehydrators

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Brod And Taylor Food Dehydrators

The Perfect Machine for a Home Kitchen

The Sahara Folding Dehydrator – a patented collapsible construction makes it perfect for countertop use and easy kitchen storage. A quiet, highly efficient radial fan optimizes air circulation, enhances food drying, and ensures energy efficiency. Patented dual sensors and dual heaters provide plenty of power for the largest loads of fresh fruit or the high temperatures needed for drying meat.

The Benefits of Dehydrated Food

Dehydrating your own food can benefit your health and your wallet. You can save money by reducing food waste, replacing expensive store-bought snacks with home-dried foods, and taking advantage of in-season produce to enjoy months later. A dehydrator also uses very little electricity compared to heating an entire oven for hours on end, and food dried with a dehydrator has a longer shelf life, also reducing waste of food and money. 

Dried food is good for your health because it’s just made of delicious, real food. Those expensive, store-bought snacks? They’re often filled with sugar, additives, and preservatives to extend their shelf life. When you dehydrate your own food, you’re in control of the ingredients and preserving your food at its peak freshness. 

Intense Flavor

Dehydrating food packs in powerful new experiences in flavor. Watermelon becomes magical. Mushrooms pure umami. Your taste buds will thank you forever.

Healthy Snacking

Create your own additive-free snacks, from fruit leathers filled with fiber to protein-rich jerky. Take it on the go or store it safely for months.

Simple to Use

Slice, set, and forget. Nothing could be easier. Enjoy the fresh goodness of a summer farmer’s market all year when you preserve your own produce.

How to Use a Food Dehydrator

While some produce requires blanching or “cracking,” most foods don’t need much prep: just a quick wash and uniform slicing. The time and temperature settings of your dehydrator will depend on what you are dehydrating. A simple-to-use dual time/temperature control also allows you to program two times and two temperatures, ensuring food is adequately dried without compromising the flavor and texture. Refer to our many dehydrating recipes, then get busy drying!

Endless Foods

Dried foods are easy to make and great for recipes. You can eat dehydrated food on its own, create a custom soup mix, grind it into a powder for smoothies, and make your own herb and spice blends for cooking—to name a few uses. You can even make homemade dog treats and your own herbal teas. Dehydrated food is also incredibly portable and will keep for months or more. It is lightweight, not messy, and shelf stable for storage. That means whether you’re in your car or on a hike, you can count on eating healthy on the go without the bulk. Your options are endless.