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Cox’s Honey Perfect For Your Pantry

Our Hives

We have a passion for placing our bees in nature’s most pristine foliage so they can thrive. Our bee practices are honest, true and respectful to the bees, always maintaining the sacred responsibility we have to nurture them ethically, never over-harvesting from our hives. Without our bees, we wouldn’t survive.


We always ensure that our hives are remote and far from harmful chemicals, but bees travel far and could potentially be exposed to pesticides, we test our honey internal and using a third-party to make sure our honey maintains its pureness, never adulterated.


Some honey is processed, filtered or blended with foreign honey, taking away all the goodness honey has to offer. Our honey is U.S. Grade A. It is gently warmed for packaging and gravity fed through a mesh screen so as not to filter out the purities of the honey. We continue to use the hands-on approach and family processes put into place when Cox’s first started.

Nearly 100 Years Ago

Orville Cox settled on a small piece of acreage in rural Idaho. Back then, homesteading meant farming, and farming required beekeeping to support the vitality of the crops.

Our great, great-grandfather

noticed his honeycombs were dripping with honey and the hives were outpacing his fields, so he set up a little roadside stand and begin selling some of his honey.

Soon Cox’s Honey was born

and then, as now, the family maintains the same hands-on, artisanal philosophies that focus on flavor and preserving the inherent healthful benefits nature provides.

We continue

to use the high-touch and personal processes Orville put in place. We take joy in hand-filling, testing and tasting our honey to ensure quality. Staying true to our family traditions has always been our driving force.

  • Real

    Our honey is 100% honey – with no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors.

  • HonestFarmed, packaged and distributed with integrity, consistency and family traditions since 1927.
  • Raw

    Our honey is alive with healthy pollens, enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients.